Fashion flavor is the key to the strength of FENDI CLUB craft beer products

It is reported that FENDI CLUB officially announced to enter the Chinese market this year, focusing on the theme of "fashionable beer, leading fashion", focusing on "fashion" as a selling point of personality, attracting consumer groups who pursue individuality and freshness, and raising the attention of target groups.

It is understood that the reason why FENDI CLUB joined the beer track is that high-end products have begun to lead beer to a new development direction. The representative of high-end beer is the craft beer that triggered the taste revolution. The continuous expansion of its proportion, the continuous improvement of momentum, and the continuous sinking and expansion of the terminal have become the engine for the beer industry to open a new track.


If you want to trace the source seriously, in fact, craft beer has sprouted as early as 2008, domestically followed up in 2012, and began to explode in 2018. After all, craft beer has been in China for more than 15 years.

Craft beer has become more and more popular this year. Due to the maturity of the concept of craft beer, poor information on the consumer side and its natural high consumption frequency, craft beer has received attention from the pipeline. Undoubtedly, the marketization of craft beer has also gained the greatest boost.

According to the investigation, FENDI CLUB is a fashionable beer brand originating from China. The trademark is independently applied for and held by Guangzhou Wanhao Wine Co., Ltd. and has not cooperated with other brands at present.


Right now is the season of beer sales. Craft beer has revitalized beer, and more and more consumers are beginning to choose beer actively. The difference between craft beer and industrial dilute beer, for many people who try craft beer for the first time, "After the first sip, it's like opening the door to a new world."

The FENDI CLUB craft beer with added flavor produces various taste changes, which is the most attractive part of FENDI CLUB. Fashion flavor is the key to the strength of craft beer products, and it has also become the biggest selling point of its popularity.


According to current online news, FENDI CLUB craft beer has been officially launched this year on multiple platforms such as, Taobao, Pinduoduo, and Baidu Aigou. FENDI CLUB, known as fashionable craft brewing, has a variety of craft brewing products, namely FENDI CLUB 701 whole wheat beer, FENDI CLUB 702 German white beer, FENDI CLUB 703 Belgian white beer, after the three craft beers, More fruity craft beers will be launched one after another to bring you a better and richer "fashion taste".


According to industry insiders, craft beer will become the main driving force for the future development of the beer market. It is not difficult to find that craft beer already has the foundation to move from niche to mass. In the future of its development, it will increasingly test the company's capital, pipeline, brand and other operating strengths. In the short term, creativity and taste innovation are still the key to competition at this stage. As far as the industry is concerned, the improvement of standards and the care of pipelines are also decisive factors for the development of craft beer.