How can a novice become a dealer of Yuncang Winery, scientific management

There are many alcohol brands on the market now, and the agents for each brand are similar. Instead of blindly choosing brands for distribution, it is best to choose a formal, honest, powerful, and promising alcohol sales company to cooperate. If you have a strong interest in the wine industry and want to try running a wine store yourself or start a wine agency business, then becoming a distributor of Yuncang Winery may be a good choice.

Yuncang Winery is a traditional wine sales company. Traditional wholesale and retail are combined with online ordering. Customers taste wine offline at the dealer and order online. The warehouse ships to consumers according to the dealer’s order information, reducing multiple transportation. A comprehensive alcohol sales platform that effectively reduces operating costs.


No matter what you do, you need scientific business planning. Choosing a suitable brand is the first step to join a wine agency franchise. Factors such as brand popularity, development prospects, product quality, market share, etc. must be considered. Choose multiple potential brands to operate, but do not operate brands with the same style. You can choose brands with different positioning to operate and effectively combine them according to their characteristics. Yuncang Winery helps you select multiple categories of alcohol brands, including liquor, red wine, beer, etc., all of which are powerful brands with certain competitive advantages in the market. It is reported that Yuncang Winery owns multiple brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous, HOMANLISM and FENDI CLUB beer.

Yuncang Winery does not charge franchise fees, brand fees, authorization fees, agency fees, deposits, etc. Compared with the traditional business method, according to the first batch of purchases, you can become a different dealer of Yuncang Winery and enjoy different purchase prices. End consumers The supplier of each dealer is its own supplier. The dealer's first purchase package payment is also paid to its corresponding supplier. The relevant services are completed by the supplier and the invoice is issued by the supplier.


Wine sales need to be carried out online and offline at the same time. Yuncang Winery has an independent online wine sales platform for dealers who need to sell online. Dealers display products online to facilitate the transaction process. Customers can follow the After opening the dealer's online store, you can place an order online to purchase products from the dealer.

Although Yuncang Winery has a platform for dealers to use, it does not require dealers to register or open an online store. For customers who only sell products offline, or purchase products for their own use, no matter how much they purchase in the first batch, they can be purchased later. Purchase goods from your own suppliers at wholesale prices. Since there is no online sales, there is no need to register or open an online store.

The online store of Yuncang Winery corresponds to the offline business of Yuncang Winery dealers, providing dealers with purchase, sales and inventory management, product display, order confirmation, logistics order number inquiry, etc. The online store purchases goods corresponding to its own suppliers, Selling goods corresponds to your own customers, which is the online realization of offline business. Dealers can also open and close the online store at any time, and online orders cannot be placed in the closed store.


After becoming a distributor of Yuncang Winery, you need to operate in accordance with the regulations and requirements of Yuncang Winery, follow the standards of brand image, product quality and service quality, strengthen marketing, and improve service levels. At the same time, Yuncang Winery will also conduct various skills training for dealers from time to time, conduct timely analysis and adjustments to market changes and competition conditions, continuously optimize its business strategies, and improve business standards.