FENDI CLUB fashion beer shares knowledge about raw materials of craft beer

As we all know, raw materials are the soul of beer, and each raw material has its own unique function. FENDI CLUB beer, a craft beer brand with the slogan "fashionable beer, leading fashion". It is understood that FENDI CLUB fashion beer is a summer fashion. From the appearance tonality, it can be seen that FENDI CLUB has chosen a more fashionable design, with a light, luxurious, casual and fashionable creative form and a ready-to-drink craft beer experience for the young people. And the surrounding office workers open a new social and cultural scene, bringing a fashionable urban lifestyle.


Craft beer consists of four basic ingredients: water, hops, malt grains and yeast. The raw materials are simple and pure, and the quality requirements are also extremely high. Each of these ingredients plays a unique role in the brewing process and can be used to create a variety of flavors and styles. The production of industrial beer is mainly for the pursuit of low cost, and more auxiliary materials such as rice and corn are used instead of malt.


Next, let FENDI CLUB fashion beer share the knowledge about the raw materials of craft beer:


When brewing beer, the type of grain you use can have a big impact on the final beer flavor and texture. Malt is the grain of choice used in craft beer. While other grains, such as corn and rice, are cheaper, craft beer typically sticks to malt. Malt, which provides most of the fermentable sugars, is also the main source of flavor and aroma, as the malting process brings out the unique character of the grain. Different types of malt can be used to create different flavors, from pale malt to dark and roasted.


Hops are an essential ingredient in beer, responsible for giving some beers their signature bitterness, flavor and aroma. It is understood that the type of hops used in the brewing process and when the hops are added can make a big difference in the beer. Each of the different hop varieties has its own unique characteristics that add flavor and aroma to beer.


The yeast raw material in craft beer is responsible for the fermentation process, which converts sugar into alcohol, which can produce various flavors, aromas and colors. Therefore, the desired flavor profile, fermentation temperature and potential off-flavors should be considered when selecting brewer's yeast to create a unique and delicious beer.


Since beer is mainly water, water is one of its important ingredients. High-quality water is perhaps the most important ingredient in craft beer, and the brewing process is so delicate that the properties of the water can have a huge impact on the resulting beer. Water is the main factor that causes beer of the same style but from different regions to taste completely different. It is reported that when choosing brewing water, it is important to consider the mineral content, pH level, chlorine content and mineral content of the water. Water chemistry is an important factor in brewing beer. It affects the taste, color and texture of beer.


In addition to the four main ingredients, experienced brewers will also use other ingredients for flavoring, such as peach or clove, which allows craft beer to create a truly endless number of unique flavors.