Deeply explore the core value of Yuncang Winery’s operating brand

As a multi-brand operator, Yuncang Winery regards the core value of the brand as the "soul of the brand". It is reported that Yuncang Winery owns multiple brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous, HOMANLISM and FENDI CLUB beer. It is an online company that takes the traditional alcohol business The sales platform closely adheres to traditional business methods and provides online services. It is a beverage platform worthy of consumers' trust. Yuncang Winery advocates the onlineization of traditional business and the wholesale price of branded wines, so that consumers can truly buy good and cost-effective wines.


Yuncang Winery analyzes and understands the essence and uniqueness of the brand, finds the brand's core value and competitive advantages, and conveys them to the target audience. The "soul of the brand" helps build brand awareness and loyalty.

According to reports, when Yuncang Winery explores the core value of the brand, it usually takes the following steps:

1. Clarity of brand values: Enterprises need to clarify the core values and mission of their brands, that is, why the enterprise exists and the goals it pursues.

2. Determination of brand positioning: Enterprises need to determine their positioning in the market, that is, their unique selling points and competitive advantages compared with competitors.

3. Definition of target audience: Enterprises need to clarify who their target audience is and understand their needs, preferences and values.

4. Shaping of brand stories: Companies need to convey their brand’s core values through stories so that consumers can resonate emotionally with the brand.

5. Maintenance of brand consistency: Enterprises need to ensure the consistency of their brands across various channels and media, including brand identity, voice, language and image, etc.


The core value of Yuncang Winery's operating brand is to help establish a unique brand image and establish a deep emotional connection with consumers.

For product brands, brand core value refers to the concentration and essence of the content represented by the brand in the minds of consumers. It is the essential value of the products and services that the brand most hopes to convey to target consumers. Comprehensive marketing consistency or overall business and product relevance.

For corporate brands, the core value of the brand is the core of value creation that transcends commercial interests. It is often the industry concept or corporate vision and mission that has been adhered to for a long time, and it is also the prestige that the company strives to build.


As a multi-brand operator, the core brand value is the core philosophy and values of Yuncang Winery. By conveying these values, Yuncang Winery can establish a unique brand image, thereby increasing the awareness of the operating brand. The core value of the brand can also help Yuncang Winery establish a good corporate image and reputation. Consumers will have a sense of identity with these values, thereby trusting the brand operated by Yuncang Winery more and increasing corporate or brand loyalty.