Promote long-termism and the importance of sustainable development of Yuncang Winery

Yuncang Winery has always believed that building a strong brand can bring competitive advantages to enterprises. Brands can give products or services higher value, increase customer loyalty, make companies more competitive in the market, and further realize corporate sustainable development strategies.

It is reported that Yuncang Winery owns multiple brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous, HOMANLISM and FENDI CLUB beer. The products operated by Yuncang Winery are its own trademarks or brands authorized by the trademark owner. They have trademark registration certificates. All products have Chinese back labels. We currently do not operate other brands and do not sell other brand products.


Yuncang Winery is a company that promotes long-termism, that is, in the process of pursuing self-survival and sustainable development, it must not only consider the realization of corporate business goals and improve the company's market position, but also maintain the company's already leading competition. In the business environment of field and future expansion, we have always maintained sustained profit growth and improved capabilities, ensuring that the company will continue to prosper for a long time.

It can be said that the sustainable development of enterprises must consider the needs of current development as well as the needs of future development. It cannot sacrifice future interests in exchange for current development and satisfy current interests. At the same time, sustainable development also includes a development outlook that continues to maintain development trends in the face of unpredictable environmental shocks.


Over the years, Yuncang Winery has remained standing despite the difficult epidemic period, relying on the company's belief in sustainable development. For enterprises, Yuncang Winery improves the company's system through continuous optimization and tries its best to improve and meet internal needs; for brands, Yuncang Winery improves the competitiveness of the brand through professional market research and tries its best to achieve Rational marketing of the brand; for dealers, Yuncang Winery provides high-quality training to enable dealers to better face the market; for consumers, Yuncang Winery enhances consumer confidence by enhancing quality control.


The sustainable development of an enterprise is a long process that requires all aspects of consideration. The enterprise's leadership policy, employee quality, and brand coordination are all indispensable. No company has smooth sailing from the start. They all go through ups and downs and develop step by step.

Yuncang Winery knows that strengthening its own strength starts with improving internal capabilities; Yuncang Winery knows that building strong brand barriers is the basis for entering the market competition; Yuncang Winery knows that by serving consumers well, the product will form a long-term and stable recovery. Purchasing is the way to continue to survive; Yuncang Winery also knows that only with good service to dealers will there be people to promote products in the market. The opinions and evaluations of consumers and dealers on the company are based on attitude compliance, and the standard of attitude compliance is also It is controlled and judged by consumers and dealers. In order to better realize the sustainable development of the enterprise, Yuncang Winery continues to achieve it through various efforts.