How Yuncang Winery FENDI CLUB upgrades western restaurants and night snacks

The western restaurant with wine and wine luminous glasses used to pay more attention to the selection of wine. It is reported that more and more western restaurants and late-night snack bars are upgrading to use FENDI CLUB craft beer recently. Is it for cost-effectiveness or to attract consumers? Is it for more convenient operation or higher interest rates?


It is understood that the operator of FENDI CLUB beer is Yuncang Winery, which is affiliated to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. Yuncang Winery owns several brands, including FENDI CLUB beer, LEESON, Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM.


Regarding the selection of FENDI CLUB craft beer in various physical stores, let’s take a look at the catering + beer delivery model. What are the advantages?

First, Western restaurants and late-night snack shops have relatively high rent and labor costs. If it becomes a FENDI CLUB craft beer shop, it will be equivalent to a shop with dual functions and can serve takeaways on two platforms at the same time. cost.

Second, the passenger flow of western restaurants and late-night snack bars will increase the sales of craft beer, especially in summer, which can realize the swing-out mode to attract consumers to consume.

Third, considering the labor cost, a small shop made of FENDI CLUB craft beer can earn back the rent and labor of the entire western restaurant or supper shop.


It is the consensus of many people that there is no separation between food and wine. FENDI CLUB craft beer has gradually become popular in some bars, KTV restaurants, and food stalls. This business model of catering + craft beer has gradually integrated into the market and can reach 1 +1 for effects greater than 2.


Unlike ordinary bottled beer, FENDI CLUB craft beer has a single taste and has become a fashionable way of life among the younger generation of consumers. Craft beer is a thing with history and culture, and young people drinking craft beer also means spending a small amount of money to show their status. Restaurants need to upgrade craft beer. At the same time, restaurants are also one of the important channels for beer consumption. About half of the beer is consumed through restaurants.

In the future, more and more western restaurants and late-night snack bars will upgrade craft beer. Investors' craft beer production is also a way of maximizing the use of their own traffic from the perspective of cost and operation.