Yuncang winery FENDI CLUB craft beer with its own niche genes is becoming popular

In recent years, craft beer has become a hot topic in the beer industry. From the perspective of the market, craft beer with its own niche gene is getting rid of the niche label and moving towards popularization.

The popularization of craft beer has affected the market structure of the beer industry. From the perspective of local terminals, the sales volume of traditional industrial beer has been affected. Although the impact is not significant at present, it cannot be ignored because consumers are becoming more and more The more inclined to buy more quality and innovative craft beer products. It is reported that Yuncang Winery FENDI CLUB has made craft beer, with the theme of "fashionable beer, leading fashion". From the appearance tonality, it can be seen that FENDI CLUB has chosen a more fashionable design.


It is understood that more and more local and international craft beer brands are appearing on the market; it has been observed that more and more restaurants and retail outlets have begun to supply FENDI CLUB craft beer; A variety of beer festivals and related events, including a column promoting craft beer culture. Consumers have increased their awareness of beer, and more consumers have begun to understand and pay attention to the different flavor characteristics of craft beer, increasing their personal preferences for craft beer.


Some insiders pointed out that after the entire craft beer industry has entered a period of high-speed growth and high-speed expansion, there are more and more participants, showing a state of flourishing. Expanding the market size together is very beneficial to the entire industry.

The craft beer track is very lively, and the competition has become fierce. In this craft beer track, whether it is a tavern or a brand, it is inevitable to compete with traditional industrial beer on the same stage, and as the category is becoming more popular, practitioners may be faced with new opportunities.


It is reported that the FENDI CLUB beer brand is preparing for the chain of beer houses recently. FENDI CLUB uses the creative form of light, luxurious, casual and fashionable beer houses and the ready-to-drink refined brewing experience to open up a new social and cultural scene for young people and surrounding office workers. Come for the trendy urban lifestyle.

FENDI CLUB, known as fashionable craft brewing, has a variety of craft brewing products, namely FENDI CLUB 701 whole wheat beer, FENDI CLUB 702 German white beer, FENDI CLUB 703 Belgian white beer. After the three craft beers, More fruity craft beers will be launched one after another to bring you a better and richer "fashion taste".


It is reported that more and more restaurants have begun to serve FENDI CLUB craft beer. Secondly, not only the traditional catering consumption scene, FENDI CLUB craft beer also appears in many occasions by virtue of the diversification of beer consumption scene. For example: many night markets have seen the sale of FENDI CLUB craft beer, and "selling FENDI CLUB craft beer" has also become a big topic on social platforms.

With the expansion of FENDI CLUB's craft beer scale, FENDI CLUB will develop in an all-round and diversified direction, and develop towards people-friendly, universal and popularization. The popularization of FENDI CLUB craft beer has been recognized by practitioners. Craft beer is favored by more and more young consumers due to its diversity, personalized fashion and high-quality beer. FENDI CLUB craft beer is gradually breaking the "" Niche circle", a big step towards "popularization".