Yuncang Winery's good products are legal and compliant and deeply engaged in supply chain support and services.

For Yuncang Winery, compliance management and development are of great significance and value. It is the responsibility of Yuncang Winery to ensure product legal compliance. Yuncang Winery is a wine wholesale and retail platform. It is a combination of Yuncang + winery. It takes the traditional wine business online and follows traditional business methods. It provides online stores and cloud warehouse delivery, operates a variety of alcoholic products, and is deeply involved in supply chain support and services. It is a member of the China Alcoholic Beverage Association.


How can Yuncang Winery be truly “spotless”? It is understood that Yuncang Winery abides by relevant laws, regulations, policies and regulations during the development and operation process, effectively identifies compliance risks, and urges employees and business partners to conduct business activities in accordance with laws and regulations to ensure that Yuncang Winery is compliant with laws and regulations. Operations; when Yuncang Winery encounters relevant compliance incidents or is investigated, corresponding response mechanisms can be activated to avoid greater economic losses, or to reduce administrative liability, criminal liability, etc. that may be incurred due to illegal operations. .

Yuncang Winery is also making continuous efforts to promote the development of corporate compliance operations. In the face of any ambiguities that may exist, Yuncang Winery is willing to make rectifications as soon as possible. Yuncang Winery is a people's enterprise and needs the supervision and suggestions of the people to adapt to the development of domestic enterprises through a business model that complies with rules and regulations.


Here are some common points about the legality of the product:

1. Compliance certification: Products need to pass corresponding compliance certification, such as CE certification, FCC certification, RoHS certification, etc. These certifications are usually carried out by third-party organizations to ensure that products comply with relevant safety, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental protection and other standards.

2. Legal and regulatory requirements: Products need to comply with local legal and regulatory requirements, including product safety, electrical safety, material restrictions, labeling requirements, etc. These requirements may be formulated by government departments or industry associations and supported by relevant laws and regulations.

3. Product standards: Products need to comply with corresponding product standard requirements, such as ISO standards, national standards, industry standards, etc. These standards stipulate requirements for product design, manufacturing, and testing to ensure product quality and safety.

4. Patents and intellectual property rights: Product design, functions, etc. need to avoid infringing on other people’s patents and intellectual property rights. When developing new products, patent searches and evaluations need to be conducted to ensure the legality of the product.

5. Product safety: Products need to comply with relevant safety requirements, such as electrical safety, mechanical safety, chemical safety, etc. These requirements may include product design, material selection, warning labels, etc.


Yuncang Winery believes that corporate compliance management not only helps improve the company's ability to avoid risks, but also helps strengthen the company's competitiveness in the market. Corporate compliance management is an inherent need for the steady development of enterprises, an effective way to regulate employees, and an important means to reduce the rate of decision-making errors. Yuncang Winery strives to ensure that its products are legal and compliant. Yuncang Winery encourages people from all walks of life to provide opinions and suggestions to promote Yuncang Winery to be better and more stable on the road to sustainable development.