Tell us about the key to reducing intermediate transaction costs at Yuncang Winery

It is reported that Yuncang Winery is a wine wholesale and retail platform. It is a combination of Yuncang + winery. It takes the traditional wine business online, provides online stores and cloud warehouse delivery according to traditional business methods, and operates a variety of wines. products, deeply engaged in supply chain support and services, and is a member of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.


How to understand Yuncang Winery’s business model of profiting from the difference without middlemen? This may be a concern for many consumers or dealers of Yuncang Winery. Yuncang Winery links dealers and consumers through a self-developed alcohol wholesale and retail platform. According to reports, Yuncang Winery provides a platform for dealers who need to sell online. Dealers display products online, and customers By following the dealer's online store, you can place an order online and purchase products from the dealer. This is the key to Yuncang Winery's ability to reduce intermediate transaction costs.

The online store of Yuncang Winery corresponds to the offline business of Yuncang Winery dealers, providing dealers with purchase, sales and inventory management, product display, order confirmation, logistics order number inquiry, etc. The online store purchases goods corresponding to its own suppliers, Selling goods corresponds to your own customers, which is the online realization of offline business.

What are the advantages of this behavior of Yuncang Winery:

1. Lower prices: Since there are no middlemen making the difference, the price of the product is usually lower. Consumers can purchase products directly from suppliers, cutting out the middlemen and therefore being able to purchase goods at lower prices.

2. A more direct supply chain: Consumers can directly contact Yuncang Winery or suppliers to learn about the origin and quality of products. This direct supply chain can provide more transparency and trust, and consumers can better understand the quality and value of the product.

3. Better product selection: Without the constraints of middlemen, consumers have access to a wider selection of products. Yuncang Winery and suppliers can provide their products directly to consumers, and consumers can choose the most suitable products according to their needs and preferences.

4. Better customer service: Without the interference of middlemen, Yuncang Winery or suppliers can communicate and interact with consumers more directly. Can better understand consumer needs and feedback, and provide better customer service and support.

5. Higher product quality: Since there are no middlemen to earn the price difference, Yuncang Winery or suppliers can invest more resources in product R&D and production to improve product quality and performance. Consumers get higher quality products without having to pay extra for middlemen's profits.

In general, Yuncang Winery’s intention in building an online sales platform is to eliminate the need for middlemen to earn price differences and provide consumers with lower prices, a more direct supply chain, more product choices, and better customer service. and higher product quality.