Yuncang Winery is steadily and firmly rooted in the development process of the market

An important reason why Yuncang Winery has been able to develop steadily is that it has never forgotten its original intention, and has carried out diversified expansion around wine, and through the close cooperation of internal organization, operation and external channels, it has formed a virtuous circle and continued to expand Advantages of scale.

It is understood that Yuncang Winery first entered the market with red wine, and later launched customized red wine, white wine and beer, and gradually increased the integration and sales of various wines, with precise and simple positioning. Judging from the brand layout of Yuncang Winery, it currently has red wine, white wine and beer. It is not difficult to see that as the scale increases in the future, it does not rule out the selection of other wines, such as whiskey, brandy, beer, and nightclubs. Liquor, pre-mixed cocktails, fruit wine and some household fast-moving consumer goods, etc., are advancing towards the trend of the whole category, meeting the different needs of agents and consumers in various places, and expanding the market.


In the wine industry, Yuncang Winery is an enterprise that has transformed part of the traditional wine business online. It advocates offline tasting, offline purchases, and online orders, which can be picked up in batches or delivered one by one. Hoarding is not advocated except wine for display and basic inventory, and the operation is flexible. What is even more commendable is that the quality of all wines of Yuncang Winery is a stickler for traditional crafts, which requires the company to have the determination to develop, to correctly understand the popularity of the category, to calm down, slow down, and sink down, to brew its own fine wine, Create your own product personality.


Yuncang Winery owns several brands, including FENDI CLUB beer, LEESON, Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM.

FENDI CLUB beer is a fashionable beer brand. This year’s newly launched craft beer has attracted much attention. It is reported that the first batch of three beers are FENDI CLUB 701 whole wheat beer, FENDI CLUB 702 German white beer, and FENDI CLUB 703 Belgian white beer.


LEESON Red Wine (LEESON) is endorsed by director Zhang Jizhong. It adopts a full-series overall brand form of multi-country procurement, multiple wine varieties, and multiple price ranges, so that LEESON wine can meet a variety of different consumption scenarios. The characteristics of Leisheng wine are that the price is close to the people, the cost performance is high, and you can choose from a variety of styles. No matter whether you are a novice or not, wines at every price can make consumers feel that they are worth the money and choose a suitable wine.

Bold & Generous is endorsed by the famous singer Pan Meichen. It mainly provides customized services for enterprises according to the individualization of enterprises and different usage scenarios. Enterprise-specific wines are priced by enterprises themselves, and it is also a great promotion, tie-in, and convenience for enterprises. Rites provide space.

HOMANLISM is the first liquor brand launched by Yuncang Winery. It is jointly endorsed by three stars, Lu Liangwei, Wu Qihua, and Period. The initial products are Maotai-flavored liquor from Maotai Town, Guizhou Province. Haomai sauce-flavored liquor has a unique soul and unique charm. Since its launch, it has a very good reputation and is deeply loved by consumers.


Yuncang Winery has always been rooted in the market at a steady pace, does not blindly follow the trend, does not deviate from reality, keeps abreast of changes in the market factors of various brand products and market environmental factors, takes more targeted and timely measures, and then through market factors, Such as the adjustment of price, product structure, advertisement, etc., to cope with market competition flexibly. Continuously learn and absorb the advanced experience and latest technology of the same industry, improve the hardware technology of Yuncang Winery, improve the technical level of personnel, improve the management level of Yuncang Winery, so as to improve the quality of products and accelerate the upgrading of products. Enhance the competitiveness of products and Yuncang Winery, and ensure the survival and development of Yuncang Winery.