Fan Mu, secretary of the Yazhou District Party Committee of Sanya City, investigated Yuncang Winery

Comrade Fan Mu, secretary of the Yazhou District Party Committee of Sanya City, went deep into Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd., an enterprise under his jurisdiction, to carry out a special investigation on "the role of the two new organizations in party building and the role of the private economy in building a new force in the Hainan Free Trade Port" to create a better future for Sanya City, Hainan Province Jiang Yi, secretary of the party branch of Yuncang Chateau, introduced the party building work of Yuncang Chateau and made a report on the business operation of the company.


Comrade Jiang Yi said in his report that Yuncang Winery is an Internet company that has moved the traditional wine business to online sales. It is a new generation of wine sales. It currently has nearly 200 products of wine, liquor, and beer.

Yuncang Winery actively played the political leading role of the party organization and firmly followed the correct direction. Jiang Yi, secretary of the company's party branch, put forward the concept of "holding the red flag, following the party, and selling real wine", which was recognized and supported by the whole company. A special account for party building funds was set up, and a special person was assigned to set up a party affairs officer post. Adhere to the communication mechanism with the party branch before, during and after major decisions to ensure that the party's exemplary and leading role runs through. The finer details are the cohesion."


Jiang Yi, secretary of the party branch of Yuncang Winery, reported to Fan Mu, secretary of the Yazhou District Party Committee of Sanya City, Yuncang Winery's concept of "earning less can sell for a long time", and focused on the "light entrepreneurship" proposed by Yuncang Winery. In line with the current economic environment, small profits but high sales are used to benefit consumers, pursue the repurchase rate, and adhere to long-termism in business operations. Only when consumers are satisfied will repurchase, and only continuous repurchase can make the company develop better and the market clearer. Stable, Yuncang only looks at the "three rates" for the assessment of each dealer, that is, customer satisfaction rate, product repurchase rate, and repeat patronage rate. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of corporate survival, product repurchase is the guarantee of corporate profitability, and repeated customer patronage is the foundation for corporate sustainability.

In the construction of professional skills, Yuncang Winery attaches great importance to the cultivation of a team of sommeliers. Vocational skills training is not only the popularization of science and technology, but also the improvement of professional skills, and it is also a skill that teaches employees to find employment. As the legal person of Yuncang Winery and the chief sommelier of Yuncang Winery Jing Fang, she has studied and obtained more than 20 domestic and foreign sommelier and lecturer certificates. There are more than 1,400 excellent dealer wine tasters, which have rapidly improved the sales ability and professional ability of the dealer team.

In terms of marketing and promotion, Yuncang Winery pays more attention to product promotion and publicity. At this research symposium, Mr. Pi Jiawei, chairman of the Global Supermodel Contest, said that Yuncang Winery, the operator of Leisheng Red Wine, invited Zhang Jizhong to be the The spokesperson of Leisheng Red Wine, its Haomai Baijiu is endorsed by Lu Liangwei, Wu Qihua, and Period, and Sapai Red Wine is endorsed by singer Pan Meichen, and many products are advertised on CCTV and Satellite TV. The advertisement of Haomai Baijiu is even on CCTV 15 It is broadcast throughout the year, and recently launched FENDI CLUB fashion beer. Yuncang Winery has a rich product series and a strong sense of fashion. This aspect has been recognized and praised by Secretary Fan Mu.


Secretary Fan Mu said that he was very happy after listening to the introduction and work report on Yuncang Winery, and was proud that Yazhou District could have Yuncang Winery, an excellent enterprise with its own motivation and a strong sense of social responsibility. It is hoped that more enterprises like Yuncang Winery will settle in Yazhou. Yazhou is willing to serve the enterprises well, create a good business environment, make investors feel comfortable and happy, and create more wealth. With the acceleration of the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, a large number of private enterprises have settled in Yazhou District. This is a great thing. Cang Winery is a good model for settled enterprises, attracting more national excellent enterprises to settle in Yazhou. The private economy is a new force to promote Chinese-style modernization, an important part of the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, an important foundation for high-quality development, and an important force to promote China's comprehensive building of a socialist modern power and the realization of the second centenary goal .