Yuncang Winery's "Category Diversified Market Expansion Strategy" is steadily taking root in the market

Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yuncang Winery) is the operator of FENDI CLUB beer, LEESON, Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM. Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + winery. Cloud warehouse delivery, winery experience, the traditional wine business is online, and offline tasting is advocated. Offline purchases can also be placed online, and can be picked up in batches or by order. Orders are shipped one by one, and dealers do not advocate hoarding except for wine for display and basic inventory, and the operation is flexible. It is a sales platform that transforms the traditional liquor business online, and is a member unit of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.


As a multi-brand operator, Yuncang Winery is mainly responsible for brand operation. Perhaps a simple understanding of brand operation is the marketing of using brands to expand products. Speaking of this, some people may not understand the meaning of brand. The concept of brand refers to the concept of being able to attract consumers, build brand loyalty, and create a brand advantage for customers. At the same time, brand also serves as a link between enterprises and consumers. important role.

A brand is not just a word or a pattern. A brand can be said to be an intricate symbol, which is the intangible sum of a brand's attributes, name, packaging, price, history, reputation and advertisements. That is to say, the brand includes the consumer's understanding of the product. Brand operation is to use various means to make the brand popular among the people. There are many methods used, including public relations, public welfare advertisements and other channels.


It is understood that Yuncang Winery first entered the market with red wine, and later launched customized red wine, white wine and beer, and gradually increased the integration and sales of various wines, with precise and simple positioning. Judging from the brand layout of Yuncang Winery, it currently has red wine, white wine and beer. It is not difficult to see that as the scale increases in the future, it does not rule out the selection of other wines, such as whiskey, brandy, beer, and nightclubs. Liquor, pre-mixed cocktails, fruit wine and some household fast-moving consumer goods, etc., are advancing towards the trend of the whole category, meeting the different needs of agents and consumers in various places, and expanding the market.


Previously, Yuncang Winery has made it clear that it hopes to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise through the "market expansion strategy of diversified categories". Meet the differentiated needs of different market segments with multiple categories, meet the different consumption needs of consumers, and occupy more market segments. Yuncang Winery has a clear product positioning, a clear market, and is committed to meeting the needs of different consumers. Yuncang Winery intends to become a wine distributor platform with a full-category layout, cater to the market trend, understand market rules, and take root in the market steadily .