Lei Sheng Red Wine Operator Fang Yuncang Winery ingeniously reformed to grasp the pulse of society and environment

The operation mode and development direction of enterprises are not static, but keep pace with the times. With the progress of the times, people's ideas and ideas change and change. Enterprise reform is to realize the sustainable development of enterprises, grasp the pulse of society and environment, constantly change the way of thinking, and redesign strategic decisions, business processes and other related activities. Changes are conducive to the reform of outdated management awareness and concepts, and the abandonment of the old internal dominance and simplification of management awareness and methods.

With the development of information technology, changes in consumption patterns will inevitably change the market. Keeping pace with the times and competing with natural selection are always the rules of enterprise development. In the process of enterprise development, problems in the current system can be found. The system is made by people, and it can also be changed because of people. Therefore, the reform can improve the enterprise system, improve the level of enterprise management, and improve the supervision mechanism and control mechanism.

Recently, Yuncang Winery, the operator of Leisheng Red Wine, launched three important reforms, and carried out comprehensive and systematic optimization and adjustment of business methods and marketing methods. One is to improve the institutionalization of business methods and marketing methods; the other is to improve the management technology level of enterprises to ensure the effectiveness and rationality of operation management.

Yuncang Winery is an online company with traditional business. Customers can place an order online and Yuncang will send it on behalf of one piece. According to the traditional business method, Yuncang Winery sells to city dealers (service centers), and the service center sells to districts and counties. Distributors (châteaux) and wineries are sold to store distributors (shop owners), which in turn form a buying and selling relationship that closely follows the traditional business model. Each distributor earns the difference in sales price, and each distributor sells through its own online shop.


Yuncang Winery (Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd.) has revised its business and marketing methods, mainly focusing on the following aspects:

1. The recommended scanning code of Yuncang Winery online mall is changed to focus on supply stores. Yuncang Winery provides dealers with warehouse direct delivery and an online mall, so that each dealer has its own online store for sales. Any customer can register freely or by scanning the code. When a customer thinks the product is good, recommend it to a friend. There is no commission and no points for customer referrals, but there are referrers displayed. In fact, the referrer is not necessarily the seller. All purchases are still placed through the dealer's online store. The Yuncang Chateau Online Mall system cancels the referrer display. , all new user registrations or any dealers only pay attention to the online store of the corresponding supplier, and make online purchases in the store. Each dealer can also view the customer information directly supplied, completely cancel the recommender display, according to the traditional In the offline business mode, the store corresponds completely to the purchaser.

2. Dealers need to register an account with a third-party payment company to use the online store to realize complete independent fund management. For offline sales, the dealer will collect the money by himself, but if the dealer sells online and uses the Yuncang Chateau online mall system, he needs to independently register with a third-party payment company with a payment license, upload the merchant certificate, and the customer purchases online The payment for the product is paid to the account opened by the merchant of the third-party payment company, so that the funds are completely independent. The headquarters of Yuncang Winery still only collects the payment from the direct customers of the headquarters, and does not make any external bonuses or commissions. Next, If the dealer has not opened his own merchant account in the third-party payment company, he will not be able to realize the online collection of product sales. For customers who order products online, they only support order submission and logistics information viewing after delivery. The business is managed by the dealer and Customers settle their bills offline.

3. Fully promote offline physical stores and front warehouses, and expand the proportion of offline traditional business methods. Yuncang Winery is an online traditional business, wholesale price of brand wine, and its service targets are physical stores. Yuncang Winery will focus on increasing the number of physical stores in 2023, and establishing front warehouses in multiple cities to expand offline stores of physical stores The proportion of sales, a large number of face-to-face transactions that customers pay to the dealer offline and pick up the goods locally are advocated, so that the immediacy of purchasing products and picking up the goods can be satisfied, and the interaction and communication with customers can be effectively increased. It has been carried out in an orderly manner, and the service has begun to be realized in qualified areas.


Yuncang Winery believes that in today's rapidly changing business world, corporate reform is crucial to the sustainable development of the company in the next few years. Reforms allow businesses to minimize the negative impact of mismanagement and better prepare businesses to succeed in future initiatives.