Yuncang Winery, the operator of LEESON Red Wine, modified the recommendation function of the online store

Recently, Yuncang Winery, the operator of LEESON Red Wine, modified the recommendation function of the online store, changing from the original recommendation and fans to only focusing on the supply store, so that online customers can correspond to the online store, so that they can purchase online just like offline .

This is an important item in Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd.'s overall business reform. Yuncang Winery is an offline experience and online ordering platform designed according to the traditional wine business. Dealers are not encouraged to hoard goods. Only for display and tasting, customers choose wine after tasting, and after placing an online order, Yuncang will send consumers one by one. This method is beneficial to reduce multiple logistics transshipment and store rental costs, and can sell products at wholesale prices , making wine more affordable.


Yuncang Winery is a dealer system that strictly follows the offline business and sells sequentially. While providing dealers with products, it also provides dealers with an online store. Each dealer sells through its own online store and earns sales. For the price difference, Yuncang Winery headquarters, service center, winery, shopkeeper, and end customers form a sequential purchase and sale relationship according to traditional business .


It is reported that in order to better provide online shopping malls for dealers, Yuncang Winery has changed the registration of recommended scan codes to focus on supply stores. Any customer can register freely or by scanning the code. After the reform of Yuncang Winery, users who scan the code to register in the mall no longer display recommenders, and do not rely on the recommendation relationship between people. Instead, all new user registrations or any Dealers only pay attention to the online store of the corresponding supplier, and can see the contact information of the online store and make online purchases in the store. Each dealer can also check the customer information he directly supplies through the online store, replacing the traditional The store sales of the offline business correspond exactly to the buyer.

In addition to the above revisions, Yuncang Winery has also carried out two other reforms, including dealers needing to register accounts with third-party payment companies when using online stores, realizing complete independence of fund management, and comprehensively promoting offline physical stores and front-end Warehouse, expanding the proportion of traditional offline business methods. For distributors who have not opened an independent merchant account with a third-party payment company, Yuncang Winery online mall only provides order records and delivery logistics information inquiries, and all payments can only be settled offline , Yuncang Chateau delivers the goods according to the order information provided by the dealer. Yuncang Chateau has no way of knowing whether the dealer has received the customer's payment and how much the customer actually received. The online mall is only an order provider and logistics query platform.

If the dealer conducts online sales and uses the Yuncang Chateau online mall system, he needs to independently register with a third-party payment company with a payment license, upload the merchant's certificate, and the payment for the customer's online purchase of products will be issued by the third-party payment company to the merchant. account, so that the funds are completely independent. The headquarters of Yuncang Winery still only collects the payment from the direct customers of the headquarters, and still does not make any bonus withdrawals or commissions. Funds, the third party provides dealers with online payment collection services.


It is understood that the modification of Yuncang Winery online mall has started before the Spring Festival. Due to the delay of some work during the Spring Festival holiday, some functions have been completed and the unfinished part is also being implemented. After the overall reform is completed, Yuncang Wine The village will explain the revised operation method and marketing method in the Yuncang Chateau online store, Yuncang Chateau official website, etc.

The original intention of Yuncang Winery is to let dealers try not to hoard goods, and Yuncang will send orders to consumers one by one, reducing multiple transportation and dealer capital occupation, and selling products at wholesale prices with small profits but quick turnover. Cang Chateau still has to work hard to improve products and services in order to win recognition and praise from more customers.