How many countries does LEESON wine come from? how many kinds of wine are there

There are many wineries all over the world and over 80% of exports come from France, Italy, Spain, USA, Argentina, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Chile and Portugal. The world's wine producing regions are like two red ribbons, distributed between 30-52 degrees north latitude and 15-42 degrees south latitude . The best wines are produced on these two "red ribbons". The three giants of global red wine are: Italy, France and Spain.

Italy's wine production ranks first in the world, and the quality of wine is well guaranteed. Italy is one of the first countries in Europe to obtain wine grape planting technology. The output and quality of Italian wine far exceed that of France, and the output of wine also accounts for 1/4 of the world .


There are so many countries producing wine, how many countries does LEESON red wine come from? How many kinds of wine are there ? It is understood that LEESON wine is the main wine brand of Guangzhou Wanhao Wine Co., Ltd., which is operated by Yuncang Winery in the whole country . LEESON) wine can meet many different consumption scenarios;

From entry-level affordable wines, "ration wines" that drinkers always have, to high-end wines, consumers are provided with choices at different prices; and based on multi-supplier purchases in different countries, consumers are also provided with mixed dry red, single Grape varieties such as dry red, dry white, sweet white, brandy and other wines with various tastes and flavors are extremely complete in terms of richness and are increasing in an orderly manner;

In terms of supply price, we strive to ensure that the entry-level models are not bad, the special models are not bad, and the high-end models are not expensive. Because of the multiple price ranges, we cannot use low-priced wines to compare with high-priced wines, nor can we use high-priced wines with low-priced wines. The cost-effective ratio of the price, but the pursuit of cost-effectiveness of this wine in each price of wine, and the pursuit of each wine makes consumers feel that the value for money is excellent .


There are various types of LEESON red wine . For this reason, LEESON red wine adopts a numbered red wine classification for wine . Because of many grades, many production areas, and many wineries, it is difficult to judge and identify various prices. LEESON red wine is classified according to different labels of products. For product classification, each wine is clearly marked with a number label or a letter + number, and the "numbered wine classification" is adopted, and the price is divided into 8 price ranges by numbers. Classify products and recommend usage scenarios, so that consumers can easily identify wines of different prices when purchasing.


LEESON red wine is the main product of Yuncang Winery. The LEESON (LEESON) brand series of wines have the honor to invite the famous director Mr. Zhang Jizhong as the brand spokesperson . What are the advantages of choosing the LEESON (LEESON) brand ?

1. Celebrity endorsement

The LEESON (LEESON) brand wine series has the honor to invite the famous director Mr. Zhang Jizhong as the brand spokesperson.

2. Advertising promotion

LEESON (LEESON) brand series of wine advertisements: 1) broadcast on multiple channels of CCTV and satellite TV; Published in ten magazines; 3) Displayed on large screens in shopping malls in multiple cities; 4) Released in the Internet multi-platform self-media matrix; normalized advertising in different ways.

3. Blind tasting wine selection

For a wide variety of red wines from different production areas, LEESON red wine gives consumers the right to choose. By conducting blind tastings in various places, consumers and professional wine lovers can choose the best wines for consumers through blind tastings. I like products with good repurchase rate.

4. Global Sourcing

Based on the global selection of products from multiple countries, LEESON red wine is optimized from the perspective of the global supply chain. The goal is to purchase more cost-effective wines for consumers. In terms of cost advantages, rich varieties, and unified storage and logistics control, LEESON red wine has formed a complete and efficient supply chain system.

The LEESON (LEESON) brand wine series brings together a variety of wines from all over the world . When buying wine, choose LEESON red wine , which is a safe and healthy quality red wine.