Yuncang Winery, the operator of LEESON Red Wine, has fully promoted the deployment of physical stores and front warehouses

Recently, Yuncang Winery, the operator of LEESON Red Wine, has carried out a number of reforms. In addition to distributors who use the online shopping mall, they need to apply for independent merchants in a third-party payment company, and change the recommendation to only focus on supplier stores. They are also promoting physical stores . Deployment with regional front warehouses.


Yuncang Winery belongs to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. It is an online sales platform for traditional wine business. It is a member unit of China Wine Association. It advocates offline tasting and offline purchase. Online orders can also be placed in batches. The delivery can also be made one by one according to the order. The dealer does not advocate hoarding except for the display of wine and basic inventory, and the operation is flexible.


Compared with the traditional wine business, it provides dealers with online services such as product display, ordering, statistics, customer management, etc., and realizes the integration of online and offline sales business. Customers can experience in the physical winery, and can purchase on-site and pick up goods or place orders online. The information is shipped from the warehouse, saving costs by reducing multiple transshipments, allowing consumers to enjoy more affordable prices.

Yuncang Winery is promoting offline physical stores and front warehouses in an all-round way this time, in order to expand the proportion of offline traditional business methods. Yuncang Winery is an online traditional business, wholesale price of brand wine, and its service targets are physical stores. Yuncang Winery will focus on increasing the number of physical stores in 2023, and establishing front warehouses in multiple cities to expand offline physical stores The proportion of store sales, a large number of face-to-face transactions that customers pay to dealers offline and pick up goods locally are advocated, so that the real-time nature of product delivery can be satisfied, and the interaction and communication with customers can be effectively increased. Work has been carried out in an orderly manner, and the service has begun to be realized in qualified areas.

At the beginning of the new year, Yuncang Winery (Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd.) has revised its business methods and marketing methods. In addition to promoting physical stores and front warehouses, the recommended scanning code of Yuncang Chateau’s online mall has been changed to focus on suppliers. goods store. The Yuncang Chateau online mall system cancels the referrer display. All new user registrations or any dealers only pay attention to the online store of the corresponding supplier and make online purchases in the store. According to the traditional offline business method, the store and the buyer correspond exactly.

In addition, dealers need to register an account with a third-party payment company to use the online store to realize complete independent fund management. If the dealer conducts online sales and uses the Yuncang Chateau online mall system, he needs to independently register with a third-party payment company with a payment license, upload the merchant's certificate, and the payment for the customer's online purchase of products will be issued by the third-party payment company to the merchant. account, so that the funds are completely independent. The headquarters of Yuncang Winery still only collects the payment from the direct customers of the headquarters, and does not make any bonus withdrawals or commissions.


It is understood that the modification of Yuncang Winery online mall has started before the Spring Festival. Due to the delay in the work during the Spring Festival holiday, some functions have been completed and the unfinished part is also being implemented. After the overall reform is completed, Yuncang Wine The village will explain the revised operation method and marketing method in the Yuncang Chateau online store, Yuncang Chateau official website, etc.

The original intention of Yuncang Winery is to let dealers try not to hoard goods, and Yuncang will send orders to consumers one by one, reducing multiple transportation and dealer capital occupation, and selling products at wholesale prices with small profits but quick turnover. Cang Chateau still has to work hard to improve products and services in order to win recognition and praise from more customers.