LEESON red wine uses multiple self-pick-up points to order according to the traditional business method

Recently, the spread of the epidemic has affected many industries, leading many areas to take extreme measures to close cities, villages and roads. Due to the impact of the epidemic and the status quo of the logistics market, some areas have been blocked. Now LEESON wine is ordered in accordance with the traditional business method, and the online business is suspended during the Chinese New Year. All offline business, cash and spot, can be picked up on the spot at various self-pickup points, or Place an order with a dealer.

It is understood that LEESON red wine is endorsed by director Zhang Jizhong, and adopts a full-series overall brand form of multi-country procurement, multiple wine varieties, and multiple price ranges, so that LEESON wine can meet a variety of different consumption scenarios. From the entry-level economical and popular wines, the "ration wines" that drinkers always have, or the high-end wines that give gifts, and the LEESON customized wines from well-known wineries , consumers can choose from different prices; Suppliers purchase and provide consumers with blended dry red, single grape variety dry red, dry white, sweet white, brandy and other wines with various tastes and flavors, which are extremely complete in terms of the richness of the wines.


LEESON red wine has multiple self-pickup points that can be picked up on the spot. After ordering, you can choose a pick-up location close to you to pick up the goods. The self-pickup point is a way for users to pick up goods at a fixed location for the convenience of users. LEESON red wine integrates many storage spaces in the city and matches them on demand. By dividing the geographical location of storage and the types of storage products, the warehouse distribution system is optimized to meet the needs of urban warehouse distribution integration. Through informatization means, many scattered warehousing spaces close to end consumers are centralized and integrated to form a virtual cloud warehouse, and integrated with logistics enterprises through informatization means to optimize warehousing resources and improve the efficiency of terminal delivery.


LEESON red wine has continuously optimized the traditional business ordering method, which has improved the efficiency of on-site pick-up. The time for on-site pick-up is relatively free, and you can get the goods at the self-pickup point at any time. There is no shipping fee and no consumption limit, which is very convenient for consumers. Self-pickup can also inspect the goods on site, so that consumers can be assured of the quality of the goods without complicated processes.


LEESON red wine has always been committed to making red wine more affordable, sticking to good quality, and achieving a win-win situation with the world. In terms of supply price, LEESON red wine strives to ensure that the entry-level wines are not bad, the special wines are good, and the high-end wines are not expensive. Because there are multiple price ranges, the taste ratio between low-priced wines and high-priced wines cannot be used, and high-priced wines cannot be used. Comparing with low-priced wines, but pursuing the cost-effectiveness of this wine in every price range, and pursuing each wine to make consumers feel that it is worth the money.

In terms of the core concept, LEESON red wine tries its best to purchase from the source, avoid multiple trades, reduce multiple transportations, use the brand to promote terminal sales, use cost-effectiveness to make consumers recognized, and use services to satisfy pipers. Win-win, and become the preferred wine brand for wine lovers!