FENDI CLUB has made craft beer, and Yuncang Winery is the operator

The weapon for relieving the summer heat is craft beer. It is reported that FENDI CLUB has made beer with the theme of "fashionable beer, leading fashion". From the appearance tonality, it can be seen that FENDI CLUB has chosen a more fashionable design.


It is understood that the operator of FENDI CLUB beer is Yuncang Winery, which is affiliated to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. Yuncang Winery has four major brands, including FENDI CLUB beer, Leisheng red wine (LEESON), Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM.

Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + winery. Cloud warehouse delivery, winery experience, the traditional wine business is online, and offline tasting is advocated. Offline purchases can also be placed online, and can be picked up in batches or by order. Orders are shipped one by one, and dealers do not advocate hoarding except for wine for display and basic inventory, and the operation is flexible. It is a sales platform that transforms the traditional liquor business online, and is a member unit of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.


Relevant industry insiders said that the transformation of consumption structure has accelerated the transformation of beer market structure and product structure, and beer consumption is undergoing fundamental changes from price to quality, from popularization to personalization, and from social sharing to personal enjoyment. It is understood that the concept of fine brewing was rarely mentioned in China before 2000, and it was also a very small circle around 2010. It gradually expanded around 2015, and the first-tier cities affected the second and third tiers, and then the whole country. Since its launch, craft beer has been positioned as a high-quality product. With the continuous expansion of the market, many craft beer products for mass consumers have also appeared on the market.


With the continuous expansion of the market, craft beer has performed well in recent years in terms of pipeline sinking and penetration into low-tier cities. The craft beer market has entered an all-round and diversified era, which also provides better support for the development of the entire craft beer industry towards people-friendly, universal and popular development.

As the main force of craft beer consumption, young consumers no longer blindly pursue high-end products. Diversification and personalization are more attractive to young consumers. Craft beer is a personalized, niche and diverse product, conveying the unique tonality of different brands.

Yuncang Winery believes that although the initial positioning of craft beer is relatively high, the main consumer groups of beer are still dominated by mass consumption scenarios. At the same time, the price structure of beer consumption is relatively low, and excessive pricing will keep most consumers away. Therefore, FENDI CLUB beer focuses on "fashion" as its individual selling point, and chooses to attract young consumers who pursue individuality and freshness at a price that is friendly to the public. They can enjoy the light luxury fashion and cutting-edge innovation of FENDI CLUB craft brewing, and enjoy the fashionable light luxury city new way of life.


From the perspective of the overall development of the industry in the future, the craft beer market will continue to grow in the future, but the brand will develop in a more subdivided and localized direction, and the craft beer market will be full of flowers. Yuncang Winery is an enterprise that attaches great importance to quality and cost-effectiveness. Quality is the foundation for success. It regards quality as its life, respects consumers, and allows consumers to truly buy wine with confidence.