Yuncang Winery provides dealers with support and assistance, and builds a bridge to serve the terminal well

With the continuous recovery of economic consumption, the liquor market is also recovering rapidly. According to relevant data, the continuous growth of revenue and profits of the liquor industry has prompted many dealers to enter the liquor market. Brand distribution has become a part of the "cake" important way. At the same time, many liquor companies that focus on liquor technology research and development, brewing, and production also need to rely on brand distribution to stimulate consumption and rapidly expand market share and brand influence. And this has to mention Yuncang Winery, Yuncang Winery owns a number of powerful brands, including FENDI CLUB beer, Leisheng red wine (LEESON), Sapai red wine (Bold & Generous) and Haomai liquor (HOMANLISM) wait. Yuncang Winery has excellent comprehensive strength and broad market prospects, and has attracted much attention from dealers in brand distribution.


For dealers, the brands they distribute are not well-known, and their products are difficult to sell, but it can be solved here at Yuncang Winery. A good marketing strategy needs to be based on an attractive brand image, including Logos, slogans, packaging and advertising, etc. It is understood that the brands of Yuncang Winery have carried out all-round publicity through TV media, railway media, and news media, and their footprints have spread all over major urban areas. Various outdoor advertisements and media advertisements have Yuncang Winery. While showing the charm of the brand, it has continuously improved the credibility and influence of the corporate brand, and further made Yuncang Winery's brand image of potential, strength and courage more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Yuncang Winery is committed to giving more support and assistance to dealers, realizing the leapfrog upgrade of corporate brands, empowering dealers, and sharing its unique marketing and sales resources, so as to improve operating efficiency and profitability. Relying on its strong brand strength, the merchant has built a bridge to serve end customers well.


As a wine company with excellent comprehensive strength, Yuncang Winery has done a good job in brand operation. Its high-quality alcoholic beverages, modern production process and perfect sales network provide strong support and guarantee for distributors.

Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + winery. The headquarters is mainly engaged in product research and development, brand building, supply chain optimization, dynamic distribution of warehouses, and providing dealers with online stores and online invoicing, etc. Yuncang Winery has taken the traditional wine business online and used digital marketing tools to allow dealers to connect and interact with consumers. Customers can purchase offline in the traditional way, or purchase online from their own suppliers. They can pick up the goods in batches or send them one by one according to the order. Customers can purchase products in offline physical stores, or through online When purchasing on the mall, the supplier information will be clearly marked on the mall homepage, product page, and personal center. Whether it is a dealer or a consumer, all orders placed online at Yuncang Chateau will be shipped by the headquarters of Yuncang Chateau, so there is no need to worry about low-quality or counterfeit and shoddy products.


I believe that in the future, Yuncang Winery will achieve more brilliant results in a broader market and bring more value and benefits to consumers and distributors.