Multi-brand operator Yuncang Chateau talks about branding capabilities

For wine companies, what is the ability to truly allow them to coexist with a large number of national brands? The answer given by Yuncang Winery is branding ability.

Yuncang Winery belongs to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd., and is the operator of several brands, including FENDI CLUB beer, LEESON, Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM.


Even though industry competition has already entered the stage of brand competition, it is still a big challenge for most wine companies to brand their brands. According to observations, there are still many small and medium-sized wine companies that cannot smoothly switch from pipeline capabilities to In terms of brand ability; in addition, the "brand" in terms of small and medium-sized wine companies is actually different from the "brand" on the traditional track, or the core of the two "brands" is completely different, because the two shape Brand direction and starting point are different. But for the vast majority of wine companies, this "perspective" itself constitutes a huge threshold. It can be inferred from this that small and medium wine companies can indeed make a difference in the brand, but whether they can "reach" this level does not matter. Putting it into action is actually very difficult.

Then, why is branding ability so important for the sustainable development of small and medium wine enterprises? Or what kind of core competence does the branding ability of wine companies refer to? Next, let Yuncang Winery make an analysis for everyone.


The first is to reduce the cost of entering the market for new products.

With the accumulation of brands and the aggregation of sufficient resources, new products and services will be continuously derived, which can reduce the risk and cost of introducing new products into the market. Enable the rapid development of the enterprise and gain the trust and acceptance of the audience.


The second is that branding is helpful to market segmentation of enterprise products.

Through the specific information disseminated by the brand to consumers, consumers can be naturally divided into different groups, that is, market segmentation of consumers can enable companies to find market opportunities. Multi-brand strategy to meet all needs.

The third is that the brand is the distinguisher of the product. The brand represents the characteristics of the enterprise.

Different forms, different qualities, and different services can provide consumers or users with brand assurance for purchase and use, quickly recognize products, and choose to purchase according to the brand.

The fourth is the embodiment of the core values of enterprise products.

Some companies have established a good image for their brand, endowed it with beautiful emotions, or represented a certain culture.

As a multi-brand operator, Yuncang Winery is mainly responsible for brand operation. Yuncang Winery believes that brand operation is a three-dimensional model, which is a systematic thinking and work, rather than simply adopting one-and-a-half tricks to conquer consumers. There are tens of thousands of brands in the market, which seem to be chaotic, but in fact, they are classified into attributes and groups just like species in nature.

An excellent brand must have a high degree of individuality, which can be clearly distinguished from any other brand. A brand without individuality will only be submerged in the ocean of brands. A personalized brand creates a sense of belonging for consumers and an irreplaceable relationship with the brand. After seeing a certain brand, consumers will think that this product and brand are tailor-made for themselves and are what they need. Therefore, we need to find out the distinct value difference of the product, magnify, magnify and then magnify the value difference, repeat, repeat and repeat the value difference, and through powerful and clear expression, consumers will be activated in every information link, thus forming an effective cognitive purchases.