LEESON a comprehensive wine brand spanning multiple countries and regions?

In life, many people who love wine hope to become a wine expert, but because they don't have much time to study, this dream has never been realized. There are many varieties of wine, and the product styles are different due to different grape cultivation and wine production process conditions. Wine is a science. It is necessary to find a comprehensive wine brand that spans multiple countries and multiple production areas , and learn slowly and deeply in order to appreciate the charm of wine. Wine tasting is not about guessing wine, let alone comparing wine. Wine tasting is the use of sensory and non-sensory skills to analyze the original conditions of wine and judge possible changes in wine. Objective and independent thinking skills are the key to determining the accuracy of wine tasting.


It is understood that LEESON wine is the main wine brand of Guangzhou Wanhao Wine Co., Ltd., which is operated by Yuncang Winery in the whole country . It is a comprehensive wine brand spanning multiple countries and production areas . The overall brand form of a full series of varieties and multiple price ranges allows LEESON (LEESON) wine to meet a variety of different consumption scenarios .

From entry-level affordable wines, "ration wines" that drinkers always have, to high-end wines, consumers are provided with choices at different prices; and based on multi-supplier purchases in different countries, consumers are also provided with mixed dry red, single Grape varieties such as dry red, dry white, sweet white, brandy and other wines with various tastes and flavors are extremely complete in terms of richness and are increasing in an orderly manner .

In terms of supply price, we strive to ensure that the entry-level models are not bad, the special models are not bad, and the high-end models are not expensive. Because of the multiple price ranges, we cannot use low-priced wines to compare with high-priced wines, nor can we use high-priced wines with low-priced wines. The cost-effective ratio of the price, but the pursuit of cost-effectiveness of this wine in each price of wine, and the pursuit of each wine makes consumers feel that the value for money is excellent .


Most of the best wines in the world are produced in France, especially wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy, whose quality and taste can be described as extraordinary. German wines, on the other hand, are low in alcohol, have a lovely fruity flavor, and are sometimes made into a refreshing sweet and sour taste. American wines have long been famous, especially those from California. Australia has a winemaking process similar to that of the United States, and the wines produced are very similar to those made in California, but the styles are often very different. In addition, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and other countries also have their own wine styles.

LEESON is a comprehensive wine brand that spans multiple countries and production areas . It selects high-quality grapes from major production areas around the world. It is characterized by diversity, borderlessness and integration, and has iconic terroir wines from multiple countries and production areas . LEESON wine has a variety of different wine "opening methods" to choose from, presenting a wine experience with endless aftertaste.

The LEESON (LEESON) brand series of wine invites the famous director Mr. Zhang Jizhong to be the brand spokesperson , and multiple channels of CCTV and satellite TV have advertisements; "Wine", "Chinese Wine", "Business", "Manager", "Travel World", "Gourmet ” and dozens of magazines; multiple city shopping malls also have large-screen broadcasts; Internet multi-platform self-media matrix release; normalized different ways of advertising. LEESON (LEESON) brand wine is well-known in China and loved by the public. It is a good choice of wine.


LEESON (LEESON) wine is difficult to determine and identify because of its many grades, production areas, and wineries. LEESON red wine is classified according to different product labels, and each wine is clearly marked with a number label or a letter + number , using "numbered wine grading", through number numbering, the price starting with 1 is low, and the price starting with 9 is high, and the price is divided into 8 price ranges by numbering. Classify products and recommend usage scenarios, so that consumers can easily identify wines of different prices when purchasing. If you are a wine lover, whether you are a novice or an experienced wine lover, LEESON wine has everything you need, and the grades are highly recognizable, so that you can rest assured when purchasing.