Good wine should be drunk with HOMANLISM liquor: no shelf life, the older it is, the more fragrant it will be

As we all know, most liquors get better with age, and liquors aged 10 or more than 20 years have refreshing aroma and softer taste, so why doesn’t liquor have a shelf life like other foods? "Drinking HOMANLISM in a heroic life", Chinese people love to drink baijiu, and they feel that drinking high-strength spirits is more refreshing and enjoyable, and drinking high-strength baijiu is more heroic. And we always hear people say that HOMANLISM baijiu is more fragrant the more it is put, and it can be kept for as long as there is no shelf life. is this real? Why doesn't liquor have a shelf life? Does baijiu really taste better the longer it is put?


It is reported that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee have stipulated that drinking alcohol with a degree of more than 10 degrees produced after October 1, 2006 does not need to mark the shelf life. And not only liquor, red wine, beer and rice wine don't need to mark the expiration date as long as it exceeds ten degrees. Moreover, this standard is an international practice. Many countries have stipulated that the wine with a certain degree of alcohol can not mark the shelf life. The alcohol content of HOMANLISM Maotai-flavored liquor is 53°, so there is no shelf life on the packaging of HOMANLISM liquor.


It is understood that HOMANLISM liquor is jointly endorsed by three stars, Lu Liangwei, Wu Qihua and Period. HOMANLISM liquor is well implied.

The initial product of HOMANLISM Baijiu is the Maotai-flavored liquor from Maotai Town, Kweichow. Starting from Maotai-flavored liquor, there are two bottles of small gift boxes, four bottles of simple wine, and single bottles and single boxes with wine accessories. HOMANLISM liquor, together with powerful manufacturers in Maotai Town, strictly selects products; however, as a liquor brand, HOMANLISM liquor is also actively contacting manufacturers of strong-flavor and light-flavor types. To meet the different tastes and consumption needs of consumers.


In the impression of most people, the longer the liquor is aged, the more fragrant it is, and the longer it is kept, the better it tastes. Old wine, vintage wine, and aged wine are especially respected by people. However, the lack of shelf life of liquor does not mean that liquor can be stored indefinitely. The collection and storage value of liquor has a certain relationship with the degree and craftsmanship of liquor.

As we all know, low-alcohol liquor or blended wine is not suitable for long-term storage, because the alcohol molecules and water molecules of this kind of wine are not firmly combined, and it is easy to produce hydrolysis reaction of aroma substances, and it is easy to become dull and tasteless after long-term storage There may even be a sour taste, such wine is not suitable for long-term storage.

HOMANLISM liquor is a high-alcohol spirit. The Maotai-flavored liquor from Kweichow Moutai Town was launched at the beginning as a 53-degree alcohol. It is a traditional solid-state pure grain fermented liquor. This type of liquor is rich in acids, esters, aldehydes, and alcohols. In other words, the aroma and taste are rich in organic trace substances, which are conducive to the association reaction of liquor. If it is well sealed, such wine will be more fragrant and more mellow, so this kind of wine has A certain collection storage value.


Good wine should drink HOMANLISM, HOMANLISM sauce-flavored wine is carefully brewed with high-quality sorghum, wheat, and water as raw materials. The glutinous sorghum of soy sauce wine, commonly known as red tassel sorghum; "wheat" is the raw material for koji making and wine making. Wheat is rich in carbohydrates, starch, a small amount of sugar and trace elements, with strong adhesion and rich nutrition; "water" The water comes from the Chishui River, which is known as the River of Fine Wine by the locals. The river is rich in trace elements and beneficial bacteria, and is the source of water in the brewing of sauce wine. HOMANLISM baijiu is stockpiled for drinking by yourself, entertaining guests, giving gifts, or making gifts for grandchildren. First, HOMANLISM baijiu is brewed from solid grains. Second, the price is much better than domestic famous wines, so it is a good choice.