Yuncang Winery attaches great importance to the wine-making food of its operating brands

Yuncang Winery attaches great importance to the wine-making food of its operating brands. It is reported that Yuncang Winery owns several brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous, HOMANLISM and FENDI CLUB beer.

Whether it is wine, liquor or beer, it is often said that "grain is the meat of wine". Yuncang Winery focuses on grain for winemaking mainly because the quality and type of grain have an important impact on the taste, flavor and quality of wine. Different grain types and qualities will affect the aroma, taste, color and other characteristics of wine.


Yuncang Winery has always aimed at quality assurance, paying attention to the selection of high-quality grain for its operating brands to ensure the brewing of high-quality wine. The importance of grain to wine is mainly reflected in the brewing process. The following is some information about the importance of grain to wine collected by Yuncang Winery:

Brewing ingredients:

Grain is one of the main raw materials for brewing wine. Different types of wine use different grains, such as grapes, sorghum, barley, wheat, corn, rice, etc. The quality and type of grain have an important impact on the taste and quality of wine.

Conversion of starch and sugar:

Starch or sugar in grain is an important ingredient in brewing wine. During the brewing process, starch needs to be converted into fermentable sugars through the action of enzymes, which are fermented by yeast to produce alcohol. This process is called mashing, and the quality and starch content of the grain can affect the mashing and wine yield.


Wine Taste and Flavor:

Different types of grains give wine different taste and flavor characteristics. For example, grapes are usually used to make wine, which gives the wine a fascinating style; barley is usually used to brew beer, giving the wine a rich malty aroma; sorghum is usually used to brew baijiu, giving the wine a soft taste.

Regional Features:

Grain resources and brewing traditions in different regions will also affect the characteristics of local wine. The types and characteristics of grain in different regions are different. Choosing local grains can highlight the regional characteristics and flavors of wine, which are related to local food resources and culture.


If Yuncang Winery wants to grasp the quality of its products, the first thing to check is grain, and the second is technology. In the process of brewing wine, technology is also very critical. Only with excellent brewing technology can fine wine be brewed. Wine-making technology is like human blood, and other equipment is like organs. If there is no person with wine-making skills, it will be difficult to use it even if you get the best raw materials. Therefore, overall, wine-making is a It is a very profound knowledge. The good wine sold in the market is not simply brewed. It is carefully made after many times of proportioning. The taste may be very different if there is a slight difference. Every glass of good wine contains Own unique materials and techniques.