Pan Meichen endorsed Sapai Red Wine, bringing personality to wine consumers

With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous promotion and dissemination of the "customized service concept", the demand for wine has become more personalized. More and more wine companies and consumers are familiar with and recognize this concept. The personalized customization service concept of Sapai wine can enable enterprises to incorporate personalized customization services into the marketing plan of the enterprise on the basis of the original marketing model and method without any other changes, and serve as one of the tools for the enterprise to serve customers.


It is reported that Yuncang Winery owns three major brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM. BOLD & GENEROUS Sapai brand is one of the main wine brands of Yuncang Winery. The Chinese "Sapai" and the English "BOLD & GENEROUS" highlight bravery, independence, chic, generosity and innovation. The Sapai brand is mainly aimed at Personalized customization and corporate group buying.

Sapai wine is endorsed by the famous singer Pan Meichen. Pan Meichen has many music works, such as "I Want to Have a Home", "I Loved You With My Heart", etc., and the songs are very popular among the public.

BOLD & GENEROUS Sapai wine provides exclusive customized services for enterprises according to the individualization of enterprises and different usage scenarios. For the Sapai brand, Yuncang Winery conducts overall publicity to enhance brand value. , which is set by the enterprise itself, and it also greatly provides space for enterprise promotion, tie-in sales, and handy gifts.


Through the personalized customization service content of Sapai Wine, consumers can customize the product with "shape" and "spirit", endowing the product with more spirit, emotion, thought, connotation and value, so as to build a communication platform with consumers A bridge not only embodies individuality but also shows its originality. How wine companies fully understand the characteristics of individual wine needs and adopt correct marketing strategies according to their own actual conditions is crucial to the development of their business.


So what are the advantages of choosing Sapai red wine?

1. Abundant products: based on cloud warehouse supply chain global procurement, multi-product selection

2. Celebrity endorsement: Sa Pai invites the famous singer Pan Meichen to be the image spokesperson

3. Advertisement: will be fully publicized on TV, magazines, the Internet, etc.

4. Cloud warehouse service: can provide cloud warehouse professional warehousing and drop shipping logistics service

5. Small amount of customization: exclusive red wine can be customized in a small amount, highlighting the value of the enterprise


If you are chic, drink chic. The philosophy of Zapai is to be brave, not afraid of dangers and difficulties, courageous and not shrinking; independent, having your own views and opinions on various things; chic, natural and generous, not rigid, unrestrained, free and easy; generous, high-spirited, generous and generous. Not stingy, enough friends.

Sapai wine personalized customization service first needs to choose a favorite wine type, price acceptance, grape variety, food and wine bottle cork, bottle shape, bottle color, bottle weight, capacity, etc., and finally from the cloud warehouse Among the hundreds of products recommended by Chateau Sapa Wine, a wine that best meets the needs of users is selected.

The specific customization process of Sapa wine is as follows:

1. The customer submits a customization application to the city dealer of Yuncang Chateau;

2. The distributor submits to the Sapai red wine customization department of Yuncang Winery;

3. The Sapai Customization Department of Yuncang Winery communicates with customers on the customized plan;

4. Carry out online publicity and e-commerce shelf services for customized models;

5. Provide warehousing and logistics services and drop shipping for corporate wine.


The professional personalized customization service of Sapai wine brings individual style to enterprises or consumers, which can enhance the popularity and reputation of enterprises and enhance the loyalty and satisfaction of consumers (customers).