FENDI CLUB craft beer: young women's choice of beer taste

According to market information, different degrees of alcohol consumption maturity and diversified lifestyles have created differentiated beer consumption demands. Faced with consumers' increasingly high-quality drink consumption concept, leading brands in the beer industry cater to market demand, promote product structure upgrades, and product structure is gradually moving towards high-end trends. Under the trend of overall consumption upgrades in the beer market, craft beer is on the rise.


FENDI CLUB is a fashionable beer brand. The newly launched craft beer this year has attracted much attention. It is reported that FENDI CLUB craft beer has been officially launched this year on JD.com, Taobao, Pinduoduo, Baidu Aigou and other platforms. It is positioned as " Fashionable beer, leading the fashion". FENDI CLUB beer, whether in terms of appearance design or taste, focuses on "fashion" as its individual selling point, attracting consumer groups who pursue individuality and freshness.


According to the FENDI CLUB beer market research results, the proportion of female beer consumers in the overall alcohol market has increased in recent years, and the growth rate of beer consumption by women is higher than that of alcohol as a whole. Judging from the portraits of female beer consumers, the age structure is transitioning to younger in an orderly manner, especially the consumption demand of Generation Z aged 18-29 is growing rapidly; There are many young people who understand wine among them, and the main components are beginners and new tasters.

Compared with mature women, young women are more inclined to fruity beer in the choice of beer taste. Fruity beer is a perfect fusion of fruit and beer. It has a light malt aroma and obvious fruit flavor, and it abandons the bitterness of beer. Its sweet and sour taste is very easy to drink. Your first "adult drink" couldn't be better. In the fruit beer market, the compound growth rate of grape/green grape and pomelo flavor products leads, and raspberry/raspberry flavors account for nearly half of the market share.

It is reported that FENDI CLUB launched three beers in the first batch, which are FENDI CLUB 701 whole wheat beer, FENDI CLUB 702 German style white beer, and FENDI CLUB 703 Belgian style white beer. The multi-fruity craft beer brings you a better and richer "fashion taste".


In general, in recent years, with the improvement of people's economic income and younger consumer groups, the demand for beer is changing to high-quality, personalized and diversified directions, bringing new development opportunities for the beer industry. On the other hand, as people's acceptance of beer continues to increase, the beer consumption scene is also expanding, which is expected to further increase the demand. Driven by multiple factors such as consumption upgrades and strong demand, the beer industry has huge room for future development, which is worth looking forward to.