FENDI CLUB beer uses fashion elements to create a new way of marketing

Recently, Yuncang Winery announced the new brand FENDI CLUB beer, which is a fashionable beer distributed by Yuncang Winery, including FENDI CLUB701 whole wheat craft beer, FENDI CLUB702 German white beer and FENDI CLUB703 Belgian white beer , focusing on fashion activities and young people's beer market.

Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yuncang Winery) is a wine wholesale platform and a member of the China Wine Association. In addition to the new brand FENDI CLUB beer, Yuncang Winery also owns three powerful brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM.


Taking fashion as the element and positioning to leverage the beer market, FENDI CLUB has made a lot of preparations. The Slogan of FENDI CLUB is fashionable beer, leading fashion, combining fashion with beer, and promoting it with a fashionable and lively, relaxed and joyful brand culture Next, interpret the simplicity and atmosphere in a light and luxurious way. FENDI CLUB beer not only has high-quality and extreme product characteristics, which can meet consumers' high-quality life demands, but also supplies the market at a relatively affordable price. It is really fashionable and inexpensive, as long as you feel like it.


Yuncang Winery entered the beer market with FENDI CLUB beer this time in order to expand its market share by entering the beer market, realize a diversified product line to meet the needs of different consumers, and enhance the influence of the platform. For a long time, Yuncang Winery aims to become a wine distributor platform with a full-category layout. Its development trend is mainly reflected in "category expansion". Market, another important step has been taken on the road of expanding the whole category.

According to Yuncang Winery, the new brand FENDI CLUB beer has entered the beer market by using the marketing method of "thinking in a dimension-enhancement and attacking in a dimension-reduction". Although Yuncang Winery FENDI CLUB beer has a high-end and elegant appearance, it is an affordable ration wine in life. Cleverly use dimension-enhancing thinking to compete with peers at different levels, combine price dimensionality reduction to attack the market, use the Internet to promote rapid spread, quickly associate with a certain consumer group, promote user interaction, and build a brand reputation. It is mainly reflected in Yuncang Winery's successful insight into the innovative consumption experience of consumers. With the endorsement of FENDI CLUB, the brand value of beer has been upgraded, and then the market has been reduced by low price. It has used high-quality products and brand reputation. The marketing model drives the market down.


From the perspective of the operation of FENDI CLUB beer, the company needs to implement full-category expansion, and its multi-category products need to innovate marketing models to promote its market sinking. Only by allowing individual products to achieve deep sinking and penetration can they obtain market dividends. In order to gain market recognition, Yuncang Winery not only needs to have a strong marketing model, but also needs to have a deep understanding of the characteristics and localization of the Chinese market, so as to launch more products that meet the needs of modern consumers.