Yuncang winery FENDI CLUB beer sales are on the rise

It is understood that after the epidemic was lifted, the consumption scene of China's beer industry has recovered very well. The relevant staff of Yuncang Winery said that as the weather gradually warmed up, the sales of its FENDI CLUB brand beer showed an upward trend.

With the accelerated recovery of the catering pipeline, the beer industry has entered the peak consumption season since May. Not only has the sales volume increased gradually, but the consumption upgrade trend has also become more obvious. The sales volume of mid-to-high-end beer has gradually increased, especially in the field of craft beer, which is gradually becoming popular. , Community transformation. Chinese beer has also entered the era of all-round, multi-dimensional, and full-scenario sales bonuses.

Some people in the industry pointed out that from the perspective of the large market environment, the development of domestic craft beer is still in its infancy, and there is still a large dividend. As more and more craft beer brands enter the game, it may trigger a large-scale price war, and many small and medium brands are facing a reshuffle.


It is reported that the operator of FENDI CLUB beer is Yuncang Winery. Yuncang Winery is affiliated to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. Yuncang Winery has four major brands, including FENDI CLUB beer, Leisheng red wine (LEESON), sprinkle Red wine (Bold & Generous) and HOMANLISM (HOMANLISM).

The first batch of three craft beers are launched, namely FENDI CLUB 701 whole wheat beer, FENDI CLUB 702 German style white beer, FENDI CLUB 703 Belgian style white beer and so on. FENDI CLUB beer, whether in terms of appearance design or taste, focuses on "fashion" as its individual selling point, attracts consumer groups who pursue individuality and freshness, and raises the attention of target groups.


When it comes to high-end beer, the craft brewing track is an unavoidable topic. As a new performance growth point in the beer industry, the craft beer track may attract a large influx of capital, and the market scale will also expand significantly. While the sales are booming, the trend of high-end and refined brewing in the beer industry is also continuing to advance. Craft beer is gradually moving towards the community. Fresh beer, craft taverns and community drinking stations have begun to increase in many streets and alleys, and the prices are getting cheaper and cheaper.

It is reported that the FENDI CLUB beer brand is preparing for the chain of beer houses recently. FENDI CLUB uses the creative form of light, luxurious, casual and fashionable beer houses and the ready-to-drink refined brewing experience to open up a new social and cultural scene for young people and surrounding office workers. Come for the trendy urban lifestyle.

Although FENDI CLUB craft beer is initially positioned as light luxury and fashion, the main consumer group of beer is still in the mass consumption scene. Therefore, in order to optimize the cost-benefit structure, it takes the initiative to get close to a larger potential consumer group. The cost of FENDI CLUB craft beer is not enough to compare with ordinary beer, so it may compete for some of the high-end consumption demand of ordinary beer.


Perhaps China's high-end beer is supported by consumption upgrades, and the trend of consumption upgrades is also relatively obvious, and the sales of mid-to-high-end beer continue to grow, coupled with the gradual transformation of the craft brewing field to popularization and communityization, the beer industry may be in 2023. Entering a time node when production and sales are booming.