LEESON red wine 576 produced in the Central Valley of Chile

It is often said that life is like wine, there will always be all kinds of ups and downs. Yuncang winery brand LEESON red wine 576, deep ruby red wine, smells like rich fruit, toasted caramel and nuts, the fusion is just right, the taste is mild, the aftertaste is tight and sweet, and the aftertaste is medium Aromas of oak and fruit. The aftertaste is long and every bite is unforgettable. The same is true of similar lives.


Like a successful businessman, wine needs to go through years of experience, go through the turbulent waves, and cultivate a tenacious spirit, so as to increase its own sense of heaviness. When a grape grows slowly, after being exposed to the wind and sun, and then picked and selected as the best quality wine grapes, its life has already started a new journey. Isn't it just like the process of life from ordinary to successful from grapes to wine? LEESON wine has a soul, just like trying to describe the meaning of life.


The most beautiful thing in life is the first kiss and the glass of wine you drank for the first time. The wine you like is the best wine, just like LEESON wine, which focuses on high quality and low price, so that every bottle of wine is 100% guaranteed original , Original factory, imported wine in original bottle. Under the premise of such high quality, the famous director Zhang Jizhong endorsed LEESON red wine precisely because he pursued the ultimate in life, insisted on quality, and was safe and undaunted in adversity, and LEESON wine wanted to convey "extreme perfection" to everyone It is highly consistent with the concept of the book, and it has made some ordinary people become giant sages in human history, and let their wisdom illuminate the past and present.


Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + Winery. It takes part of the traditional wine business online, supports offline business, and can also purchase online. You can buy online as you want offline, and provide Internet online services according to the traditional wine wholesale business . The goods can be picked up in batches or delivered one by one by the warehouse according to the order. The dealers do not advocate stockpiling except for wine for display, and the operation is flexible.

Compared with the traditional wine business, it provides online services such as product display, ordering, statistics, and customer management that are consistent with the offline business and online business, and realizes the integration of online and offline sales business. Online orders can be placed and shipped from the warehouse according to the order information, reducing multiple transshipments and saving costs, allowing consumers to enjoy more affordable prices.

Many people judge the quality of a bottle of wine by its appearance, or the depth of the groove at the bottom of the bottle to judge the taste of a bottle of wine. Actually, that has nothing to do with the quality of a bottle of wine. LEESON wine needs your tongue to taste and feel the unique and wonderful taste in the wine body. So if you like wine, you can communicate more.

Banquet Zhongpin Yuncang Winery's brand LEESON red wine series products


China has been known as a country of etiquette since ancient times. Etiquette is essential in daily life and work. Sitting, sitting, standing and standing are the basic etiquette of a person. When Chinese etiquette meets Western culture, it is a food culture, and it is also a collision of table culture. When the Western wine culture is put on the Chinese table, what changes will happen in the changing times, let us Walk into the etiquette of red wine and experience a different world of red wine.

Most of the current red wine etiquette is social etiquette, because with the increase of international exchanges, the wine culture is also spreading, and more of them appear in the form of business negotiations. Learning to drink red wine has also become a compulsory course for social people. It also allows us to learn more about Western etiquette culture, how to appreciate and enjoy it, and how not to make a fool of yourself at the table. Drinking LEESON red wine will let you experience a different world of red wine .

In fact, most people only have a simple understanding of the etiquette of red wine. Shaking the goblet and taking a sip may be all we know. However, LEESON red wine can easily learn these simple etiquette knowledge in the tasting, and can learn and understand more deeply through the aroma of the wine, and even experience the charm of culture through the material carrier.


Yuncang Winery caters to the development of the society, uses Internet technology to realize online ordering, statistics, customer management, etc. in the traditional wine business, saves multiple transportations and sends orders directly to consumers according to the warehouse, and advocates small profits but quick turnover. Traditional wine sales enterprise.

Yuncang Winery has moved the offline face-to-face sales of the traditional sales business to online, improving efficiency, reducing costs, making small profits but quick turnover, pursuing sustained and stable sales, and improving the satisfaction of dealers and customers.


At the banquet, open a bottle of LEESON red wine, and the crisp and loud sound of opening the bottle will increase the warm atmosphere and excitement of the banquet. Putting a bottle of LEESON red wine on the banquet can highlight and show the grandeur of the banquet . The red wine etiquette of the banquet will also make the banquet more grand and solemn, and make the aroma of red wine more mellow.