Pinyuncang Winery's brand LEESON red wine 588 is suitable for different scenarios

Huainan grows tangerines, while Huaibei grows oranges. The environment has a great influence on things. This is true for plants, but it is more vividly reflected for people. Holding a glass of red wine or white wine does not reflect your taste, but sitting in a western restaurant or sitting at a street stall are two completely different things. Feel.


Red wine must be paired with the right scene, so that red wine can be distinguished from other wines. When it comes to red wine, we can think of western restaurants, because the attributes of red wine are romantic and elegant. If you want to drink red wine at a street stall, it will not be too out of harmony, but if you bring Erguotou to a western restaurant for tasting, there will be an indescribable sense of incompatibility.


It is also very important to choose a good wine. Baijiu has high alcohol content and is more suitable for business use between elders and drinking with each other. Beer is more suitable for daily drinking, leisure and entertainment, or after a busy day, call a few or five friends to have a drink on the street and drink together. Red wine is more in line with the mood of young people, in a quiet room, alone, with a goblet, and a touch of melancholy. At this time, LEESON red wine is a very good choice.


Taste LEESON red wine and make close friends. People with the same taste will have similar hobbies. Drinking red wine, as an elegant hobby, can also attract like-minded friends.

Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + Winery. It takes part of the traditional wine business online, supports offline business, and can also purchase online. You can buy online as you want offline, and provide Internet online services according to the traditional wine wholesale business . The goods can be picked up in batches or delivered one by one by the warehouse according to the order. The dealers do not advocate stockpiling except for wine for display, and the operation is flexible.

Compared with the traditional wine business, it provides online services such as product display, ordering, statistics, and customer management that are consistent with the offline business and online business, and realizes the integration of online and offline sales business. Online orders can be placed and shipped from the warehouse according to the order information, reducing multiple transshipments and saving costs, allowing consumers to enjoy more affordable prices.


LEESON red wine is divided into different series according to different origins and varieties. The simple and clear numbers and letters divide the products, so that people can more easily choose the products that suit them, and also recommend the use of the scene, personalized for different consumer groups. Not only for consumption, but also for consumers to provide a comfortable environment, and partners who may appear to chat.

LEESON red wine of Yuncang Winery .