We are a small liquor company.

Our dream is that customers don't scold us.

The second dream is that those who sell wine with us can make some money.

We know that the competition is cruel and there are many masters, so we are cautious in our words and deeds.

Let us know if we can't do enough, we just want you to be satisfied.


If you sell high-end wine, don't worry about us, we sell wine that is not that expensive.

If you sell beer don't even bother us, we don't sell that much alcohol.

We cannot change the industry, nor can we afford such a big name.


We thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to try our wines.

We are grateful to all distributors who are able to recommend our wines to customers.

We are even more grateful to the great motherland for giving us an opportunity to start a business in this era.


We want to improve the quality and lower the price, which is inherently contradictory, and this contradiction is our small living space.

Because of this, our philosophy is "online traditional business, wholesale price of brand red wine", Yuncang directly ships to stores or consumers, reduces multiple transportation, and pursues small profits but quick turnover. Our name is: Yuncang Winery .


Yuncang Winery is an online sales platform for the traditional wine business, and it is affiliated to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd.


Yuncang winery concept: traditional business online, wholesale price of brand red wine

The mission of Yuncang Winery: to make red wine more affordable and easier to start a business

Vision of Yuncang Winery: To become the preferred supplier for red wine lovers

Values of Yuncang Winery: Adhere to good quality, pursue cost-effectiveness, and win-win with the world


Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + winery. By making part of the business of the winery online, it not only supports offline business, but also enables online procurement.

How to buy offline, how to buy online, who is the supplier offline and who is the supplier online, the display of offline suppliers and online suppliers is consistent with the business method. The way of online shopping allows dealers to operate at low cost, and makes it more affordable for consumers to buy wine. Dealers can pick up goods in batches or ship them one by one according to the order.