Yuncang Winery is a wine wholesale and retail platform. According to the traditional business method, it provides online stores and cloud warehouse delivery, operates a variety of wine products, and deeply cultivates supply chain support and services. It is a member of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.

Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + winery. It makes the traditional wine business online. Customers can purchase offline in the traditional way, or purchase online from their own suppliers. They can pick up goods in batches or order them from the warehouse. For dropshipping, the customer purchases the product offline, and the physical store is the supplier. The customer purchases through the online mall, and the supplier information will be clearly marked on the mall homepage, product page, and personal center. No matter online or offline, the customer pays for the product All payments are paid to their own suppliers, and the delivery, service, and invoices are also carried out by the suppliers, thus moving the traditional wine sales business online.

In terms of operation, Yuncang Winery does not encourage dealers to hoard goods. Except for displaying wines for tasting, dealers do not need to hoard goods. Compared with traditional wine business, it provides dealers with product displays that are consistent with offline business and online business. , ordering, statistics, invoicing, customer management and other online services, customers experience in the physical winery, can pick up the goods on the spot or place an order online and deliver the goods from the warehouse according to the order information, reducing multiple transshipments and saving costs, allowing consumers to enjoy More affordable prices.

        The main products of Yuncang Winery are Lei Sheng red wine endorsed by the famous director Zhang Jizhong, actors Lu Liangwei and Wu Qihua, Haomai Baijiu endorsed by the full stop, Sapai red wine endorsed by singer Pan Meichen, FENDI CLUB beer, etc. In 2023, Yuncang Winery will develop and Strategic cooperation with more wine production companies, under the premise of unifying the brand, has established sales channels for multiple companies, and has transformed from a single wine supplier to a multi-category and multi-brand wine management platform.

        Yuncang Winery caters to the social development, realizes part of the business with Internet technology, moves the offline face-to-face sales of the traditional sales business to the online, saves multiple transportations and sends consumers directly from the warehouse according to the order, advocates small profits but quick turnover, and improves efficiency. Reduce costs, pursue continuous and stable sales, and improve dealer and customer satisfaction.

        After February 2023, the Yuncang Winery online mall will completely cancel customer recommendations. Customers only pay attention to their own suppliers’ stores. Even distributors can only purchase from their own suppliers. Single buying and selling behavior, starting from March 2023, distributors need to register their own independent merchant account with a licensed third-party payment company, and the turnover of sales products is independently managed in the distributor's account, which Yuncang Winery headquarters cannot do. After the payment is received, the bonus is accrued or issued, that is: no bonus accrual, no commission payment, etc. To put it bluntly, Yuncang Winery is a traditional business method with an online mall and supports Yuncang delivery.

        The headquarters of Yuncang Winery is mainly engaged in product research and development, brand building, supply chain optimization, dynamic distribution of warehouses, providing dealers with online stores and online invoicing, etc., and respecting traditional offline businesses. In the second half of 2023, Yuncang Winery will Increase the layout of offline physical stores, and serve the market through multiple categories, wholesale prices, and traditional methods.

In order to improve professionalism, Yuncang Winery has successively carried out multiple training sessions for junior sommeliers, striving to improve the professional skills of distributors. Zhuang's dealer team is making progress, laying the foundation for better service to consumers.

The concept of Yuncang Winery: Online traditional business, wholesale price of brand wine

The mission of Yuncang Winery: to make wine more affordable and easier to start a business

Vision of Yuncang Winery: To become the preferred supplier of wine lovers

Values of Yuncang Winery: Adhere to good quality, pursue cost-effectiveness, and win-win with the world