1. LEESON red wine (LEESON)

Leisheng Wine is the main wine brand of Guangzhou Wanhao Wine Co., Ltd. It is endorsed by the famous director Zhang Jizhong. The brand is operated by Yuncang Winery in the whole country. , so that LEESON wine can meet a variety of different consumption scenarios;

From entry-level affordable wines, "ration wines" that drinkers always have, to high-end wines, consumers are provided with choices at different prices; and based on multi-supplier purchases in different countries, consumers are also provided with mixed dry red, single Grape varieties such as dry red, dry white, sweet white, brandy and other wines with various tastes and flavors are extremely complete in terms of richness and are increasing in an orderly manner;

In terms of supply price, we strive to ensure that the entry-level models are not bad, the special models are not bad, and the high-end models are not expensive. Because of the multiple price ranges, we cannot use low-priced wines to compare with high-priced wines, nor can we use high-priced wines with low-priced wines. The cost-effective ratio of the price, but the pursuit of cost-effectiveness of this wine in each price of wine, and the pursuit of each wine makes consumers feel that the value for money is excellent.


2. Spicy red wine (Bold & Generous)

BOLD & GENEROUS Sapai brand is one of the main wine brands of Yuncang Winery. The Chinese "Sapai" and the English "BOLD & GENEROUS" highlight bravery, independence, chic, generosity and innovation. The Sapai brand is mainly aimed at Personalized customization and corporate group buying.

Sapai wine is endorsed by the famous singer Pan Meichen. Pan Meichen has many music works, such as "I Want to Have a Home", "I Loved You With My Heart", etc., and the songs are very popular among the public.

BOLD & GENEROUS Sapai wine provides exclusive customized services for enterprises according to the individualization of enterprises and different usage scenarios. For the Sapai brand, Yuncang Winery conducts overall publicity to enhance brand value. , which is set by the enterprise itself, and it also greatly provides space for enterprise promotion, tie-in sales, and handy gifts.



Haomai Baijiu, a brand of Yuncang Winery, is jointly endorsed by three stars, Lu Liangwei, Wu Qihua, and Period. Joy is a good meaning for Haomai Baijiu.

The initial product launched by HOMANLIS is Maotai-flavored liquor from Kweichow Moutai Town. With Maotai-flavored wine as the entry point, there are two-bottle small gift boxes, four-bottle light-packed wine, and single-bottle single-boxes. For the gift box wine with wine accessories, cooperate with powerful manufacturers in Maotai Town to strictly select products; however, as a baijiu brand, Haomai Baijiu is also actively contacting manufacturers of strong-flavor and light-flavor types. In the future, it is not ruled out to launch multi-flavor types based on the same brand A series of liquors to meet the different tastes and consumption needs of consumers.


4. FENDI CLUB beer

FENDI CLUB beer is a beer brand under Guangzhou Marriott Wine Industry. In April 2023, Marriott authorized Yuncang Winery to operate the brand products. FENDI CLUB is positioned as a fashion beer, with a Slogan style: "FENDI CLUB, fashion beer, leading fashion" , the products cover a variety of flavors such as craft beer, German white beer, Belgian white beer, etc. In terms of product segmentation, FENDI CLUB's overall planning includes cans and glass bottles, which are divided into multiple series of different sizes of packaging.

FENDI CLUB beer will launch different products according to the consumption scenarios, such as: special for nightclubs, special for barbecues, fruity craft beer, high-end special beer, etc. The marketing models for different consumption scenarios are also different, so as to support distributors to sell FENDI CLUB beer better.