Advantages of Yuncang Winery:


1) Product branding

Yuncang Winery only acts as its own brand agent, and has certain control over the brand. It invites endorsements, advertisements, and various promotions and publicity for product brands, so that consumers are more likely to choose products and dealers have more confidence. .


2) Marketization of wine selection

In the initial stage, the selection of wines was conducted through expert blind tasting and customer blind tasting meetings. After the products went to the market, we looked at customer evaluations. In the long run, we selected wines based on sales data and market feedback. Yuncang Winery believes that the repurchase rate is the test of products. The standard of whether it is good or not, whether the product is sold or not depends entirely on the choice of consumers.


3) Service background

Yuncang Winery attaches great importance to products, publicity, warehousing, etc., and the market is handed over to dealers. The front-end dealers are responsible for sales, and the warehouse is responsible for inventory, damaged reissues, lost parts and other services, so as to provide dealers with overall supply chain services.


4) Professional training

The competition in the market is ever-changing. Through continuous summarization and optimization, as well as local tests, Yuncang Winery makes courseware and case studies on the better sales methods of local distributors for training. Dealer sales and wine tasting skills are enhanced.


5) Customer satisfaction

Yuncang Winery believes that: the standard of customer satisfaction is the repurchase rate, and the core of repurchase is cost performance. Increased customer satisfaction.