Taste FENDI CLUB beer and feel the taste of fashion

Recently, I learned from Yuncang Winery (Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd.) that the FENDI CLUB beer distributed by Yuncang Winery has been distributed to various distributors, and it has been launched on multiple platforms such as JD.com, Taobao, Pinduoduo, and Baidu Aipou.

Focusing on trendy beer and leading fashion, FENDI CLUB has seized the needs of young consumers and launched three fashionable beers, FENDI CLUB 701 Whole Wheat Beer, FENDI CLUB 702 German White Beer and FENDI CLUB 703 Belgian White Beer, striving to meet the needs of young consumers. Young people have multiple needs for beer. It is understood that after FENDI CLUB launched three fashionable beers, there is also a plan for girls to love fruity craft beer.


As beer consumption becomes younger, more fashionable, and more personalized, the mainstream consumption concept in the market has undergone major changes. From imitation, following to surpassing, the concept of beer consumption has experienced a change from full to good, from delicious In the process of fun, youth, fashion and vitality have become the new culture of beer. The beer industry has entered a new stage of development, and beer is ushering in an era of upgrading. For contemporary young consumers, traditional beer can no longer meet their high-quality life needs. Fashionable beer has emerged as the times require to meet the core needs of contemporary young people with high taste.


Since the beginning of summer, as the weather continues to warm up, the peak season for beer consumption has officially arrived. Summer nights belong to beer. Choosing FENDI CLUB beer for fashion events seems to add fashion elements to the event. FENDI CLUB is committed to making fashion beer that is truly affordable for the public, combining beer with fashion, and using The unique and fashionable brand tone penetrates into the young people's position, plays with young people, and strives to make a fashionable beer that is both delicious and fun, and can be enjoyed with friends. FENDI CLUB beer is priced close to the people, delicious and inexpensive, allowing consumers to drink to their heart's content. With the theme of "fashionable beer, leading fashion", it creates a fashionable life scene for young people that can stimulate youthful vitality, and demonstrates the positive attitude of the brand's rejuvenation , to convey freshness, youth and joy to consumers, so that more people can release and discover fashion in FENDI CLUB beer.


With the continuous development of today's society, the concept of fashion is also constantly changing and developing. Fashion has always been an eternal topic. In the past, fashion only refers to some popular clothing and wear, style, home furnishing, interior decoration, art and other cultural elements, but now, fashion is a polysemous term. Just like the fashion of FENDI CLUB beer, it can be a cultural phenomenon, a person's spiritual realm, a way of expressing personality, a kind of youthful tension, or an attitude towards life.

Fashion is not an alternative, but a personality. Everyone hopes to become a fashionable young person, and everyone has been following fashion. FENDI CLUB fashion beer has outstanding fashion selling points. It interprets simplicity and atmosphere in a light and luxurious way. The quality is hardcore and leads the trend. Tasting FENDI CLUB beer is equivalent to tasting the taste of fashion. Everyone can own the fashion of FENDI CLUB beer. It can make you more unique, make your life more colorful and enrich your spirit.