Teacher Jiang Shanbei, singer of "Love Song in the Red Dust", visited Yuncang Winery Guangdong Branch

The spring rain gently washes away the dust and moistens everything on the earth. Recently, Mr. Jiang Shanbei, the singer of "Love Song in the Red Dust", visited and understood the Guangdong Branch of Yuncang Winery. Li Hai, the general manager of Yuncang Winery Guangdong Branch, personally received him and introduced the products and business of Yuncang Winery.


"I have loved each other vigorously and sincerely, and I will sing this song after being lingering. In the world of mortals, I am obsessed with love. You are with me in the ups and downs..." I believe everyone will appreciate this song by singer Jiang Shanbei, which is popular in the streets and alleys The "Love Song of the Red Dust" is no stranger. Jiang Shanbei is a well-known Chinese singer. In 2012, she won the Golden Award of the Original Singer of the Ten-year Tour of the Chinese Musicians Association for her "Love Song in the Red Dust". the

On the road of pursuing dreams, in addition to flowers and applause, there will also be some other voices. For a singer, talent and concentration are essential, because in many cases, only when the foundation is laid, can we be more free and flexible , to complete a musical work more perfectly. Jiang Shanbei loves music creation, keeps an optimistic heart, puts this love into action, and keeps working hard on the road of insisting on original music.

Jiang Shanbei believes that real music comes from life. Only positive and optimistic people can maintain love and curiosity about life, experience life with heart, and inspire creative inspiration. It is precisely because of this positive attitude that Jiang Shanbei Pay more attention to the details of music creation, and make more touching things with your heart.

Every hard work will be rewarded. On the road of Jiang Shanbei's struggle for China's original music, he has won many honors, including "the most influential figure in building a beautiful China", the honor of being personally received and awarded by national leaders in the Great Hall of the People, and the honor of "China's Good Music" "Brand image ambassador", "China's top ten good brand endorsement", "China Organic Life Day Public Welfare Image Ambassador", "Global Environmental Image Ambassador", "International China Environmental Foundation Director", "National Most Beautiful Village Image Spokesperson", "China Zhanjiang International Arbitrator of the Court of Arbitration", "First-line Love Ambassador" and "Fourth Generation Love Song Queen" and other honors.


It is understood that Mr. Jiang Shanbei does not drink alcohol. The purpose of visiting Yuncang Winery Guangdong Branch this time is to visit and understand. General Manager Li Hai of Yuncang Winery Guangdong Branch personally received him and introduced Mr. The products and business of Yuncang Winery.

Yuncang Winery is a liquor management and sales company. Yuncang Winery owns three major brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM. By making part of the winery's business online, it supports both offline business and online procurement. Offline winery experience and online shopping allow distributors to operate at low cost and consumers to buy wine more affordable.

Every high-quality brand launched by Yuncang Winery is born to protect distributors and consumers. Yuncang Winery adopts direct delivery from the factory to dealers and consumers, providing dealers and consumers with one-stop pre-sales and after-sales problems, so that consumers do not have to worry about the authenticity of the products, ensuring that the products will not Was shoddy.

By moving the traditional wine sales business to the Internet, Yuncang Winery provides convenient online services such as product display, ordering, statistics, and customer management. One-time transportation, small profits but quick turnover, and the establishment of an operating system that pursues long-term and stable repurchase by customers.


After a detailed understanding of Yuncang Winery, Mr. Jiang Shanbei was further impressed by the business of Yuncang Winery. Yuncang Winery promotes quality improvement with ingenious brewing, and promotes brand development with cultural empowerment. After years of continuous improvement in quality and deep cultivation of the basic market, Yuncang Winery's influence in the market has become more popular.