Yuncang Winery has specially set up reception centers for distributors from all over the world

 Recently, the unveiling ceremony of Yuncang Winery Hainan Reception Center was a complete success. The guests who participated in this event included some staff at the headquarters of Yuncang Winery, some co-founders, and some heads of branches across the country.

Among them, the ribbon-cutting session, which attracted the most attention, was officially opened amidst the applause of many guests. Representatives participating in the ribbon-cutting session were Guo Dongwei, President of Yuncang Winery, Jiang Yi, Secretary of the Party Branch, Zhou Xuan, Vice President, and co-founders Luo Zelin, Liu Chaozong, Wu Chenghua, Xing Kaizhi, Xia Tian and special guest Zhao Can.


Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yuncang Winery) is a liquor sales company. Yuncang Winery owns three major brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous and Haomai Baijiu. (HOMAN LISM). By making part of the winery's business online, it supports both offline business and online procurement. The display of offline suppliers and online suppliers is consistent with the business model. This method of one-piece delivery in the cloud warehouse, offline winery experience, and online shopping allows distributors to operate at low cost and consumers to buy wine more affordable , dealers can pick up the goods in batches or send them one by one according to the order.


With the continuous expansion of business and the gradual increase of physical stores across the country, Yuncang Winery has set up a reception center in Sanya, Hainan for dealers from all over the country. The reception center is mainly used by wine dealers for internal reception, training and tasting. As well as taking into account tourism and project exchanges.

It is reported that the Yuncang Winery Hainan Reception Center is not open to the public, does not charge fees, and does not do commercial promotion and sales of products. It is a reception service center specifically for wine dealers and partners of Yuncang Winery. The main function is distribution in various places From the perspective of service dealers and market promotion, Yuncang Winery provides a comprehensive display of enterprise products and services , the place of enterprise management concept, and it is also the beginning of Yuncang Winery's comprehensive service for distributors.


The Yuncang winery reception center is located in Hainan, mainly because Hainan Province is located at the southern tip of China. It is a bright pearl in the South China Sea and the second largest island in the country after Taiwan. The island has a pleasant climate all year round, and the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant in all seasons. Tourism resources are very rich and very distinctive. Distributors can not only study, team building and training here, but also travel, relax and have fun in Hainan after work.

The reception center of Yuncang Winery is a great benefit for the internal dealers of Yuncang Winery. It is only for internal use, not for public use, there is no menu, and there is no charge. All dealer teams are welcome to visit the Hainan headquarters to increase their understanding of Yuncang Winery. With the understanding of the project of the warehouse winery, we can better carry out the sales work.


Guo Dongwei, President of Yuncang Winery, said that the core competitiveness of Yuncang Winery is the national distributors, and it is an honor for the headquarters to provide business exchanges, training, and leisure reception for national distributors. Doing some services for national distributors will also increase distribution The business team understands Yuncang Winery, and hopes that the unveiling of Yuncang Winery Hainan Reception Center and the subsequent normal operation will add strength to Yuncang Winery's market services.

The three major brands of Yuncang Winery have changed from the wholesale price of brand red wine to the wholesale price of brand wine. The goal is to provide distributors with a complete selection of brand wine with a more complete category ecology and higher product standards in the industry. The quality of all wines in Yuncang Winery is a stickler for traditional crafts. This requires the company to have the determination to develop, to correctly understand the popularity of the category, to calm down, slow down, and sink down, to brew its own fine wine, and to create its own product personality. , The quality is guaranteed, the after-sales service is guaranteed, you can buy it comfortably, and drink it with confidence.