Leisheng wine is the most traditional way of blind tasting wine selection, exploring the unknown from the known

Blind tasting is without a doubt the most popular and enjoyable game among wine lovers. Chinese people have not been exposed to wine for a long time, but blind tasting has become popular all over the country without knowing it. Recently, many "blind tasting conferences" of Leisheng Wine have been held, which is the best proof.

It is reported that every once in a while, the wine trainers of Leisheng Wine will hold a blind tasting for people in the wine industry. Most of the participants are master wine tasters, wine consumers and wine lovers. For a wide variety of red wines from different production areas, Leisheng Red Wine gives consumers the right to choose, and through blind tastings held in various places, consumers and professional wine lovers can choose the best wines for consumers through blind tastings. I like products with good repurchase rate.


Leisheng wine is the main wine brand of Guangzhou Wanhao Wine Co., Ltd., which is operated by Yuncang winery in the whole country. ) Wine can meet many different consumption scenarios;

From entry-level affordable wines, "ration wines" that drinkers always have, to high-end wines, consumers are provided with choices at different prices; and based on multi-supplier purchases in different countries, consumers are also provided with mixed dry red, single Grape varieties such as dry red, dry white, sweet white, brandy and other wines with various tastes and flavors are extremely complete in terms of richness and are increasing in an orderly manner;

In terms of supply price, we strive to ensure that the entry-level models are not bad, the special models are not bad, and the high-end models are not expensive. Because of the multiple price ranges, we cannot use low-priced wines to compare with high-priced wines, nor can we use high-priced wines with low-priced wines. Affordable price ratio, but pursue the cost performance of this wine in each price range of wine, and pursue each wine to make consumers feel that it is worth the money;


Every Lei Sheng wine blind tasting conference is a grand event where a group of talented people come together, young and old gather together. Although there is no such thing as the ancients with clear streams and turbulent reflections, they can be used as flowing cups and Qushui to express the quiet feelings, but with modern wines There are countless wine games available for Gale, but one of the most popular and fun table games is the blind tasting. As the name implies, it is to cover the wine bottle with the label and taste it without knowing the name, so as not to be affected by the name of the wine. This is a necessary procedure for all kinds of wine competitions. And when we look at blind tasting as a taster's pleasure rather than a sommelier's job, it's the funnest game on the table.


Blind tasting is actually more of a detective game, exploring the unknown from the known, grasping a little clue like a famous detective, and then reasoning to clear away layers of fog, use your brain, and when you deduce the truth, you will throw flowers and toast for joy, Both. This is the charm of wine, the joy of blind tasting.


Letting consumers choose their favorite wine is the most traditional wine selection method of Leisheng Wine. After years of experimentation and accumulation, it is found that the members of Leisheng Wine, no matter they are senior enthusiasts or beginners, can make a pertinent evaluation of their favorite wines. Senior enthusiasts can tell the professional subtleties of the wines, while Beginner drinkers can say that it tastes good, but no matter what, good wine will eventually be affirmed by the market. These comments not only make it easier for consumers to choose wine, but also benefit the Leisheng brand a lot, paving the way for more star wines to be launched in the future.