Hainan Yuncang Winery shoulders the responsibility of promoting China's excellent traditional wine culture

Promoting the cultural heritage of wine is still an urgent task for the Chinese wine industry, and how to protect the cultural intellectual property rights of the wine industry is a subject that needs to be improved. The protection and promotion of Chinese traditional wine culture is crucial to the establishment of national cultural confidence. And cultural awareness is of great significance.

Yuncang Winery believes that the winemaking industry, as an important part of China's industrial industry, is a traditional food manufacturing industry that runs through the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. A symbiotic relationship. Protecting the natural ecology is the foundation of protecting the development ecology of the brewing industry. At the same time, in today's highly integrated world, building a world-class Chinese wine culture IP and building a "world wine culture center" to enhance the international influence of Chinese wine culture is an important measure to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture.


It is reported that Yuncang Winery belongs to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. Yuncang Winery owns three major brands, including LEESON, Bold & Generous and HOMANLISM. Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + winery. Cloud warehouse delivery, winery experience, the traditional wine business is online, and offline tasting is advocated. Offline purchases can also be placed online, and can be picked up in batches or by order. Orders are shipped one by one, and dealers do not advocate hoarding except for wine for display and basic inventory, and the operation is flexible. It is a sales platform that transforms the traditional liquor business online, and is a member unit of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.


Since modern times, the brewing technique of baijiu has always belonged to China's unique intellectual property rights, and it is an important symbol that can shoulder the expression of Chinese national culture. Today, there are only 17 non-inherited inheritors of Chinese baijiu brewing skills, and most of them are over or close to the retirement age.

On the occasion of the National Two Sessions in 2023, deputies to the National People's Congress put forward the proposal of "properly supporting the main liquor production areas and leveraging the capital market to achieve high-quality development", and proposed to vigorously support the main liquor production areas through the capital market to promote the high growth of the liquor industry. quality development.

Yuncang Winery has always implemented high-quality development. It is not a single champion, not a thriving, but a combination of punches. Product hard power and cultural soft power will be important factors influencing the future development of brands and enterprises. The quality of success in the liquor industry is the foundation. We must regard quality as our life, respect consumers, and brew good wine. Pay attention to the health and comfort of the physical level, and the joy and happiness of the spiritual level, so as to meet the people's growing needs for a better life as the starting point and goal, and increase the supply of high-quality products and services. To deepen the construction of brand core strength, cultural empowerment is the key, to innovate the expression of cultural connotation, to form differentiated advantages, and to meet the psychological needs of consumers.


In the industrial system of the national economy, the liquor industry has made a huge contribution to fiscal revenue and can generate a strong driving force for economic and social development. The comprehensive tax rate of the liquor industry has reached 35%, especially in the key development areas of the liquor industry in Guizhou and Sichuan, which have become the local pillar industries.

The Haomai Baijiu under Yuncang Winery is jointly endorsed by three stars, Lu Liangwei, Wu Qihua, and Period. , is a very good meaning for Haomai Baijiu.

The initial product launched by HOMANLIS is Maotai-flavored liquor from Kweichow Moutai Town. With Maotai-flavored wine as the entry point, there are two-bottle small gift boxes, four-bottle light-packed wine, and single-bottle single-boxes. For the gift box wine with wine accessories, cooperate with powerful manufacturers in Maotai Town to strictly select products; however, as a baijiu brand, Haomai Baijiu is also actively contacting manufacturers of strong-flavor and light-flavor types. In the future, it is not ruled out to launch multi-flavor types based on the same brand A series of liquors to meet the different tastes and consumption needs of consumers.


Promoting Chinese wine culture and supporting major liquor production areas can also promote grain value-added and appropriate grain reserves. On the one hand, the liquor industry can effectively increase the added value of grain and improve the raw materials for winemaking by increasing the conversion rate of coarse grains such as cereals and potatoes. The income of farmers; on the other hand, the grain used for wine making is generally aged every other year, which can promote the increase of grain reserves and the "use of old grain to store new grain".