A glance at the sales data analysis of Yuncang Winery's 2023 wine New Year's goods

With the upsurge of returning home for the New Year and traveling to visit relatives during the Spring Festival, the wine consumption of Yuncang Winery during the Spring Festival this year is extremely hot. Due to the increase in consumption scenarios such as returning home to visit relatives and business banquets this year, the consumption market for alcohol gifts has been heated up.

It is reported that Yuncang Winery belongs to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. Yuncang Winery has three major brands, including LEESON red wine, Bold & Generous red wine and HOMANLISM white wine. Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + winery. Cloud warehouse delivery, winery experience, the traditional wine business is online, and offline tasting is advocated. Offline purchases can also be placed online, and can be picked up in batches or by order. Orders are shipped one by one, and dealers do not advocate hoarding except for wine for display and basic inventory, and the operation is flexible. It is a sales platform that transforms the traditional liquor business online, and is a member unit of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.


According to the sales data of Yuncang Winery's new year's wine products and the survey questionnaire of dealers, the report shows that there are three trends in wine consumption that are different from the past: gift box consumption of wine, consumers prefer multiple bottles; the public thinks that northerners drink more, but southerners The enthusiasm for buying alcohol is higher; the consumption ability and willingness of the 40-year-old group are stronger, and the 26-35-year-old group buys the most. In addition, the report also shows several major consumption characteristics: Liquor, the most popular alcohol product among consumers, accounts for more than 90%; gift box consumption exceeds last year, accounting for 30%; fourth-tier and lower-tier cities have higher consumption than first-tier cities .


Judging from the sales data of Yuncang Winery’s New Year’s goods, baijiu accounts for more than 90% of the most popular wine products among consumers. This further shows that in China, during traditional festivals, reunions with friends, and family dinners, consumers choose baijiu more to enhance the atmosphere. In terms of consumption scenarios, the market for gifts and gifts has begun to heat up due to the wave of returning home this year. Among the most popular alcohol products, the proportion of alcohol gift boxes this year is higher than in previous years, exceeding 30%. When it comes to wine gift box consumption, consumers pay more attention to the packaging and quality of the gift box.

According to the general public, the north represented by Shandong, Northeast China, and Inner Mongolia has a greater alcohol consumption. According to the sales data of Yuncang Winery’s new year’s goods, among the top 10 cities in terms of turnover, Beijing ranks first, plus Shenyang and Xi’an, three cities in the north and seven cities in the south. Consumers in the south are highly enthusiastic about consumption. . This also reflects to a certain extent that there are more scenes of family reunions and friend gatherings in the south, and the flavor of the year is stronger.


The report also shows that during the New Year’s Day, alcohol sales accounted for 27% in first-tier cities, and second-tier cities also had a strong sense of Spring Festival party atmosphere, accounting for 26% of sales. As consumers working in high-tier cities return to their hometowns for the New Year, and the consumption power of low-tier cities has increased in recent years, the sinking wine market is also very hot. According to the report, cities with fourth-tier cities and below accounted for 29%, surpassing first-tier cities.

From the perspective of consumer groups, in the public perception, users around 40 years old have stronger consumption ability and willingness than users around 30 years old, and according to the user survey questionnaire, 26-35 years old accounted for 42%, ranking first; 36-45 years old accounted for 35%, ranking second. It can also be seen that during the Chinese New Year, when visiting relatives and friends, business banquets, young people have more demand for wine. At the same time, this also broke the outside world's perception that young people do not drink alcohol, especially liquor.


Regarding the sales of this year’s new year’s goods, Yuncang Winery said that the three major brands of Yuncang Winery, including LEESON red wine, Bold & Generous red wine and HOMANLISM white wine, have rich wine products, authenticity, and affordable prices. Yuncang Winery is a The online sales platform of the traditional wine business is a relatively convenient channel for consumers to buy wine. Yuncang Winery will provide consumers with high-quality wine during the 2023 delivery period, and Yuncang Winery will create greater value for consumers in the future.