Life is heroic, drink HOMANLISM, wine table Jianghu push the heart

The place where people exist is the rivers and lakes. The rivers and lakes are not only the life of swords and swords in martial arts novels. Today, the rivers and lakes refer more to social forms. Such as wine table culture, is it not a kind of rivers and lakes. The Chinese wine table culture has a long history. When you push a cup to change a cup, the alcohol in your belly can make people secrete dopamine quickly. Wine is the easiest way to get closer. Drinking is closely related to social interaction. The wine table is the world. Life is heroic and heroic, and heroic liquor takes you into the world of wine tables where spirit and words are exchanged.


It is understood that HOMANLISM Baijiu is jointly endorsed by three stars, Lu Liangwei, Wu Qihua, and Period . HOMANLISM Baijiu is a good moral.

The initial product launched by HOMANLIS is the Maotai-flavored liquor in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province. The Maotai-flavored liquor is used as an entry point . For the gift box wine with wine accessories, cooperate with powerful manufacturers in Maotai Town to strictly select products; however, as a baijiu brand, HOMANLISM Baijiu is also actively contacting manufacturers of strong-flavor and light-flavor types. In the future, it is not ruled out to launch multi-flavor types based on the same brand A series of liquors to meet the different tastes and consumption needs of consumers.


China is the country with the earliest origin of wine culture, and also the country with the strongest sense of ritual. The sense of ritual about wine is not a red wine glass in the traditional sense, a romantic music, or a crazy festival. The real sense of ritual is respect from the heart and soul-soothing romance.

In the view of HOMANLISM Baijiu, drinking can be both vulgar and elegant, you can talk about the state of the country, you can show your temperament through friendship, you can be happy or chaotic, you can keep your health or hurt your health, you can drink too much or have a small drink, but you can’t live without alcohol . There is no feast without wine, wine is the catalyst, and the table is the source of energy. Wine is culture, etiquette, history, and customs. In the end, wine and wine are unified. Wine is relationship, and the wine table is the world. Love is in the mouth, words are in the cup, and the wine tables in different places have different wine styles. The wine tables in different cities, the people's sophistication on different wine tables, and the wine rules of different people's sophistication. The wine is the "first code", the table is the last code, and the wine and the table constitute the arena for the exchange of spirit and words.


In our country, the first wine was used by the local residents to sacrifice to ghosts and gods. Confucius once said, "Respect ghosts and gods and stay away." This sentence points out the keynote of ancient people's beliefs. Ghosts and gods have always been respectful and fearful, awed from the heart, and kept away from them in action, advocating that people walk and sit upright. Moreover, the traditional filial piety culture of the Chinese also pays attention to paying homage to the ancestors and not forgetting the origin. Therefore, wine has a sense of mission in the birth of Chinese culture.

With the development of society and the general rise of the wine industry, wine has gradually penetrated into everyone's life, especially in the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, the wine was injected with a new soul, and the Tang poems were squeezed into wine, full of romance, pride and passion. Qianqiu Daye also has children's love, this is the wine table rivers and lakes in the heyday of Tang Dynasty.

Bai Juyi said: "Green ants have freshly baked wine, a small red clay stove, and it will snow in the evening, can you have a drink?" There is "Grape wine luminous cup, if you want to drink the pipa, immediately remind me. Drunk lying on the battlefield Lord Mo Xiao, how many people have fought in ancient times?" boring.

As an important part of Chinese culture, wine Zhuo culture reflects all kinds of people in the world during the exchange of cups and cups, and has achieved the indissoluble bond between poetry and wine. It is precisely because of this that Chinese civilization has a long history. "The ancient sages are lonely, but the drinkers leave their names." Those beautiful poems are also more romantic and chic because of the blessing of fine wine. Poetry has completed a conversation across time and space with the modern us, allowing us to understand their cup of tea.


As a special drink passed down from generation to generation in our country, "wine" has witnessed the historical development of our country and also contributed a very rich content to Chinese culture. The wine table Jianghu can not only help us socially, but also play an emotional role in daily life. Choose heroic baijiu, live a heroic life and drink HOMANLISM, and the wine table will push your confidants.