Yuncang HOMANLISM selects good grains and provides high-quality real wine, good wine and safe wine

Only good food can make good wine, which is the consensus of people on liquor. Studies have shown that the working people in ancient my country had three purposes for planting food, one was to pay taxes, the other was to eat or sell it for themselves, and the third was to make wine. Therefore, wine culture has developed rapidly in ancient times. During this process, more and more grains are used for wine making, such as sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, peas, corn, wheat, barley, buckwheat, and even potatoes and potatoes are used as wine making materials. Except for sorghum, these common wine-making raw materials are used alone for wine-making, which are basically only suitable for the tastes of local consumers, and are rarely widely accepted.

Almost all mainstream baijiu uses sorghum as a raw material, especially for high-end baijiu. Among the common grains, sorghum combines the advantages of various raw materials and avoids various disadvantages. Sorghum is also known as the "Emperor of Wine" because of its high starch content, special fruit structure, balanced fat and protein content, and easy fermentation to produce aroma. Therefore, sorghum has naturally become the best grain for wine making.


"Hongyingzi" sorghum is also called Xiaohongliang, and the locals call it "sha". It is precisely because of these characteristics of red sorghum that the soul craft of Kunsha Sauce Wine can only be produced in Maotai Town and its surrounding areas. Although "Hongyingzi" sorghum is expensive, Yuncang Winery still likes to use it for its HOMANLISM sauce-flavored liquor. What is the reason?

HOMANLISM Baijiu is the first liquor brand launched by Yuncang Winery. It is jointly endorsed by three stars, Lu Liangwei, Wu Qihua, and Period. The initial products are Maotai-flavored liquor from Maotai Town, Guizhou Province. Guizhou is the core production area of Maotai-flavored liquor. The water source, raw materials, and climate required for brewing Maotai-flavored liquor are all available in Maotai Town.

The local red sorghum in Guizhou is different from other sorghums. Its grains are small, thick-skinned, plump, and its amylopectin content is over 90%. Steamed and boiled many times, it has the local characteristics of Guizhou. As the saying goes, good things are naturally expensive! It can be seen that "Hongyingzi" not only has the characteristics of thick sorghum seed coat, cooking resistance, turning roughness resistance, and good waxiness, but also can withstand repeated cooking and high wine yield. It is deeply loved by Yuncang Winery! Yuncang Winery’s HOMANLISM sauce-flavored liquor is the first choice of high-quality sorghum. The baijiu produced is rich in sauce, sweet in the mouth and long in the aftertaste. It is the best product in the wine!


Yuncang Chateau HOMANLISM Baijiu is carefully brewed by winemakers. After complicated processes, from feeding materials to products leaving the factory, it has gone through multiple links. The characteristic of the brewing process of high-quality sauce wine is that the ingredients are fed twice, and the "material" of the two feedings is red tassel sorghum, which is called "Xiasha". Feeding twice is to comply with the local natural conditions. Guizhou is a mountainous area, and the grain on the mountain matures earlier than the grain in the valley below the mountain, so the early-maturing part needs to be fed first, and then fed for the second time. The brewing of high-quality sauce wine is tempered by the "12987" process, and the "nine eight seven" is the well-known nine times of cooking, eight times of fermentation, and seven times of wine extraction. The other sorghums can finish the wine in five or six rounds, but only the sorghum with red tassels can last until the last round and complete its mission. In wine-making jargon, this is also known as "back sand".

Hongyingzi glutinous sorghum grains contain a large amount of starch, protein and minerals needed for wine making, and more importantly, sorghum grains contain a certain amount of tannins. An appropriate amount of tannin has a certain inhibitory effect on the harmful microorganisms in the fermentation process and can increase the yield of wine. Fragrance substances such as syringic acid and syringaldehyde produced by tannins can increase the aroma of liquor. Varieties of sorghum with moderate tannins are excellent ingredients for making high-quality wine.


The traditional liquor brewing process emphasizes the grasp and perception of "people" on the brewing process. As a modern enterprise, Yuncang Winery, with the help of precise digital technology, determines the quality of grain, the environment of the cellar, the heat of steaming wine, and the fineness of wine mixing. Factors of quality High quality, standardization, and scale to ensure excellent and consistent quality.

Yuncang Winery is a subsidiary of Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd. It is a multi-channel platform that supports both offline business and online procurement by making part of the traditional wine business of the winery online. Since the establishment of Yuncang Winery, it has been adhering to the spirit of craftsman, meticulously polishing products and providing services with heart. Yuncang Winery empowers HOMANLISM Baijiu by linking the most core production areas of soy sauce wine, and serves wine lovers through personalized flexible production and Internet marketing tools, providing consumers with high-quality real wine, good wine, and safe wine.