It's worth buying! After all, this is my exclusive red wine.

According to foreign media reports, the global annual expenditure on alcoholic beverages has reached a huge amount of about 1 trillion US dollars! This shows the huge number of "drinkers" in the world and the strong demand in the alcohol consumption market!

Among the top 10 most expensive wines recorded in the world , there are many varieties , which shows the variety and complexity of the tastes of "drinkers". The 10 wines range from a £75,000 bottle of dessert wine to a £125,000 bottle of champagne to a $ 2 million bottle of cognac and even a $3.5 million bottle of tequila . Let's take a look at a few wines that are also worth a lot of money.


1811 sweet white wine (£75,000 each)

A 1811 vintage sweet white wine , praised by authoritative sommeliers as one of the greatest wines in Bordeaux ! In 1999, the wine received a full score of 100 points from a wine critic . It is said that if the wine critic can score more than 80 points, it is very good, and if it can reach 90 points, it is already the best. Taste critics commented that this sweet white wine has caramel flavors of strong liqueurs. A French collector bought the wine in 2011 for £ 75,000 a bottle .

Rum ($25,000 each)

The rum was released as a commemorative drink in 2012 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the island's independence , and 20 decanters have been auctioned off. Each 500ml crystal silver decanter is made by the Queen's Jeweller . The rum has been aged for up to 17 years and is priced at $25,000 a bottle with decanter.


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